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  1. S

    2014 TDR PRO 125 noob build

    Well the bike came today. All seems pretty well in order.... Been through basically everything, will bleed the brakes tomorrow...the rear doesn't even really work :/ so it will need to be done. This is my major concern. There was a random spring washer in the bottom of the box...I thought oh...
  2. L

    What Bike should I get?

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie to the site but its pretty awesome the amount of info on here. I want to get a PitBike, I will ride it but its more for my 17 year old brother in law. I've been doing a lot of reading and research but there seems to be so much to learn. I don't want anything to...
  3. cmpbll911

    Oil in new bikes

    Me and some mates are all picking up some MSO's next weekend, and we're unsure on what to do about the oil. With the last mini I had (atomik Nitrous) i just used the shit oil that comes in the bike for a few riding hours, about one tank of fuel, then changed the oil with some quality semi...