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  1. C

    Lifan 125cc Turbo oil feed

    Yo! Was wondering if the ports on the cylinder head where oil cooler lines are inserted have enough pressure to lubricate for example a vz21 turbocharger? Thank you!
  2. BennyG

    Oil Cooler for Lifan 125cc

    Hi miniriders, I'm sure there are threads on this already though I'm very average at navigating this site. I have a Thumpstar 125 TS-E that I want to put an oil cooler on. I ride the thing every weekend for four hours at a time so an oil cooler is something I think my bike could benefit...
  3. Carlts

    WTB: Parts for the build

    Hey guys, as you probably know me and my bro are working on a build at present. Started its life as a PSTO tl140, but it is now going places ;) We are needing some parts for the build as we go, so I thought I would just chuck everything I can think of in this thread. WANTED: Oil Cooler (for...
  4. Moto99

    lifan 140cc help ?

    Have you tryed N-1-2-3-4 ? should say on the motor if its new