oko 26mm flateslide carby

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  1. allyboyz

    Running Hot

    Have a new Dpro 160 and just got a new oko26mm from dhz. put the carby on and its running really hot! any ideas what it could be? or if any one in sydney arounf the northern beaches would like to come have a look i'd really appreciate it. Also i'm just getting into mini bikes and every one has...
  2. Hock

    OKO 26mm carb kit any good?

    Hey, I'm soon to buy a DHZ Dpro 160cc bike. I was wondering whether this kit will fit on it and make any difference? OKO 26MM FlatSlide Carby Kit, 1/8 Throttle, UniFilter, 140cc 150cc 160cc - OKO Also, will this kit make the bike much faster? Thanks!
  3. K

    thumpstar problems

    I have a thumpstar 150cc lifan engine , having trouble with it can anybody help . starts fine , idles good , and when u start riding it starts jerking , it has a new spark plug , ive stripped the carbie down and cleaned it , its still doing the same thing , the carbie is a 26mm oko. thanks
  4. dunny29er

    OKO FlatSide air filter size

    just wondering what size air filter goes on the OKO 26mm FlateSlide Race Carby