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  1. Naturalbornthriller

    Pet tap (petrol tap&filter ) Question?

    Hey I have a 1998 Honda XR70r , and has been in storage for over 10 years , my moron brother left the petrol ON -_- , so the pet tap was almost frozin , but now i can turn but with resistance so i OBv's took carb out and re cleaned the jets and all the float bowl of all the Evaporated Fuel...
  2. china911

    oset electric v yamaha ttr 90 Petrol sux bring on some coal
  3. F

    Petrol Tank Cap Needed!!

    Hi! I'm new to this forum so please go easy on me if I seem stupid :laughing-smiley-002 I've recently taken up the task of restoring a pit bike which had been dumped by its owner. The bike is most likely German after doing some research and goes by the name of Ares BFD125A. I'm having quite a...
  4. E

    Fuel Switch?

    I have an fy110cc mini desert which has a leaking fuel switch, are they fixable or will i have to buy a new one. cheers
  5. unitrider08

    modifications for

    hey all i need sum help o just bought a petrol scooter it does about 35kmh or so and its a 43cc 2 stroke motor i need any1s help to add find or list some modifications for this and where i can get them i want to add a bit of power and a bit of a higher speed ontop of that any help appreciated