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  1. xLOCOx

    Hunting/shooting Thread

    Hi guys! Just a warning, if your a greeny or a bit of a woose..... I wouldn't bother looking at this thread.... Don't like it, bad luck its called human nature! OK so I've got a 22 and a 12g shotgun... I use it to do both hunting and target shooting... As practice known as "conservationist"...
  2. xLOCOx

    We need to make Airsoft LEGAL in Australia!

    ok ive found one those petitions that everyone's talking about! some of you may not know what airsoft is so let me inform you! so... it basically like paintball but more strategic, and less bruises.. :D so heres the link for the petition...
  3. revmx_89

    the hunting thread

    ok guys and girls some of you may now i like hunting so i thought i would do a thread on it. so lets see how many ppl on here like to hunt as well i really only hunt with dogs now so here are a few pics of my hunting dogs this is my sons whippet not the best hunter but still will catch a...