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  1. motorman

    Welcome back GMX!!

    Hey All, GMX are back onboard. Jump on there website and check out there new range of bikes. http://www.gmxmotorbikes.com.au
  2. 8r3nd0

    NSW boys ride days.

    Ok so surely we have a few NSW guys and girls on here, question is do you guys want more ride days and race meets? I'm on the south coast so it's a good 7 to 8hr travel to any race meet in any direction. How far are you willing to travel and where are you at. I want to know that if I organized...
  3. my67xr

    Using the Miniriders website, for members old and new, a few helpful tips/hints/ideas

    Some general Miniriders User hints/tips etc, for members old and new. If you are new to Forums etc, i am posting up a few helpful hints/tips that you might need to know. when you start or reply to a thread here, you will see on the top left of the page. your Username, and Avatar picture to...
  4. R

    Is Port Gawler Adelaide mini bike friendly?

    Hi Is there any one that takes there Pit bike down there, I am looking to take my two bikes down there Wednesday/Thursday next week and wanted to know if they have tracks for Pit bikes or if you are constantly pissing off the big bike riders and is it quiet during the week. I have been there...
  5. Shaneo

    Rev MX is back?

    http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/argenton/motorcycles/new-140cc-senior-big-wheel-revolution-mx-bike-thumpstar/1025372109 I think not
  6. vic1616

    125cc pitbike gear to speed ratios

    hey guys, i was wondering if it's just me but my 125cc pitbike seems slow when im maxing out in 3rd gear ide say im going 35mph when i have my throttle floored in third gear... is this normal for a 125cc pitty? will it shoot right up to like 50-55mph when i floor it in 4rth gear? what...
  7. bulldog93

    FMX pit bikes

    just some sick FMX pitbike YouTube - MINI CHAOS OZ TOUR YouTube - Mini Chaos 5 "Kings of Chaos" YouTube - Pitbikesrule.com Sunday Team Practice!! YouTube - World record Back Flip these are some badass guys, i'ld love to do that one day