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  1. G

    Help finding drz 70 2011 upgrades ect

    Hey guys I'm new to miniriders and have a few questions about the Suzuki DRZ 70. I've recent brought a 2011 drz 70 for under $1000. It is in great condition. But am wanting to make a project out of it and turn it into a quicker and better bike to suit me. I have got a RM 250. Last time I...
  2. S

    bobber build

    ok so some ppl might not be happy that i cut up a x4 but i got it for free and felt like building some thing with it
  3. sam93

    Sam's 125 build.

    Hey guys and gals, thought its about time i should start a thread up about the build. Today I am painting the Dhz frame and peg mount. I got this new paint called Por-15 (Black) its super strong and doesnt chip easy. I have done 3/4 of the paint (I just have to turn over the frame and peg...