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  1. D

    Wanting everyones thoughts please

    Hi Guys, Totally new to the scene of pitbikes and im about to make my first ever purchase, i went on to gumtree and have found a pitster pro 160cc bike wich is a 2011 model and has had only 11hours of riding on it, the owner is female and it was bought for her as a birthday present but she is...
  2. Carlts

    WTB: Parts for the build

    Hey guys, as you probably know me and my bro are working on a build at present. Started its life as a PSTO tl140, but it is now going places ;) We are needing some parts for the build as we go, so I thought I would just chuck everything I can think of in this thread. WANTED: Oil Cooler (for...
  3. Carlts

    WTB: Dust Seal for Wheels (35mm OD)

    WANTED: 4 x Pit Bike Dust Seal for wheels (35mm Outer Diameter) CONDITION: Brand New PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Haven't found any on-line so not sure on what they are worth. Less is better as usual xD LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD EXTRA INFORMATION: Yer if you have some FS let me know or if...