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  1. roostyamates

    renthal bars

    hey just wondering if anyone can tell me what the name of these renthal bars are as i cant find it and what they would pay for them second hand?
  2. F

    my fx pro ongoing project

  3. Q

    Check your chain tension!

    Hi everyone I've had a sneaking suspicion that the chain tension on these chinese bikes was a bit iffy, it looked quite loose yet quite tight when sitting on the bike. There's no official figure I could find for my Dpro 160 and scouring this forum I found the general consensus to be "about...
  4. Hillz

    Fotm Hall Of Fame!!!!

    The winners of Fiffty Of The Month! Dabomb December 2006
  5. millhouse motorcycles


    wots the difference from normal thumpstar handlebars to pro-tapers, are they worth buying?? they dont look any different