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WC ST Killa
Feb 15, 2007
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Mundaring, WA
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Dabomb December 2006
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May 2007 Mini Mullisha!!!!! (First Honda!!!)

Here are the modifications:

Billetware Cradle Frame
Billetware Swimgarm,footpegs,mount and chain guide
Red Baron Kammakazi 88 Kit
Red Baron Bars,seat,throttle,Billet Dip Stick,12 inch front wheel with H/D Spokes + 10 inch rear with H/D Spokes.
IRC Tyres.
Five-O +1 cromo forks with disc Kit.Bar clamp,Dress up kit,gear lever,Gas Cap,Bash Plate,Bar Pad
Boyseen Ignition cover
Kitaco CDI,H/D Clutch,throttle cable
Kitaco Super Coil
Pro Curcuit Pipe
Renthal Rear Spocket (37)
Engine Breather Kit
Reeg Rear Disc Kit with Brake Pedal
Acerbis Plastics
Five-O Rising Sun graphics

Mods to come:
A set of Red Baron Factory Forks or Fast50 Speed Forks
And adding more FIVE-O Gear!
Maybe even a bigger bore kit?
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June 50 of the month Mcanix


Current Mods:
140cc Jailing (TB Big Bore Kit)
Big valve head
Custom cam
26mm Flatslide carb
Inner rotor kit with lightened oil slinger
Inferno ignition coil
Carbon fiber ignition cover
Carbon fiber rear muffler
Hyd clutch
Modifyed clutch basket and damper bushes.
Braided throttle cable
Multi position billet alloy throttle
Scott grips
Billet alloy 37th rear sprocket (16 front)
Changed front fork oil to 15 weight

Mods to Come :
Motor coming out for stroked and big bore 140cc Lifan being built now.
Rear 4 spot radial caliper (done)
Front 4 spot radial caliper
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Clarke126's Self Built Bike! (From Scratch)

Fifty of the month for July 2007!

Current Mods:
BBR perimeter frame (+5 swinger)
SANO lt6 front forks
KITACO 108se kit
KITACO oil pump
SANO dress up kit (black)
SANO skid plate
Carbon Fibre flywheel cover
MIKUNI 24mm flatslide carby
TAKEGAWA manual clutch kit w/gearbox upgrade
SANO billit 1/4 turn throttle
PRO TAPER bars (pro-grip grips)
REEG hydrolic rear disc kit
EXCELL rims 12" front 10" back (black)
UFO white plastics
ONE IND white camo graffics
RED BARRON tall seat
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August 50 of the month : Sam Wenham!


Current Mods:

115cc Daytona japan engine/ported and polished
26mm 2 stroke carby (miconi)
30mm big bore exhaust
4 stage programmable cdi
Inner rotor kit
Twin oil coolers
Yoshimura alloy catch bottles with return lines(Braided)
Bridgestone BT601S motard tyres
Pro Taper bars
Ego barkbusters
One sticker kit
White Plastics
Footpeg sliders
R.K. Racing chain
Tacho and hour meter

Mods To Come:

Brembo 4 piston front brakes
Bigger carby
Undecided : 124cc Daytona engine
Bicycle Speedo
Yoshi muffler
September 50 of the month : 12a_rx2!


Current Mods :
Kitaco 88cc kit
Kitaco head
Kitaco heavy duty clutch
Reeg rear disk brake kit [Not working]
USD forks
Heavy duty swing arm
Sano bars

Mods To Come:
Future mods
Marzocchi forks
Five o swing arm
M1-A6 iShock or elka
billetware cradle frame or BBR perimeter
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50 of the Year

winner of the 50 of the year compition
Mini Mullisha

Here is the modifications;
2005 CRF50
Billetware Cradle Frame
Billetware Swimgarm +4
Billetware footpegs & mount,chain guide
Red Baron Kammakazi 88 Kit with Kitaco CDI and H/D Clutch
Boyseen Ignition cover
Engine Breather Kit
Pro Curcuit Pipe
Red Baron:
Seat,throttle,Billet Dip Stick, White plastics,12 inch front & 10 inch rear wheel with H/D Spokes(Bridgestone)front & rear(IRC).
Five O:
Rising Sun Graphics ,+1 forks with disc kit.Bars & clamp,Engine dress up kit,gear lever,Gas Cap,Bash Plate,Bar Pad
Hardstyle Rear Spocket
Reeg brake pedal

well done mini mullisha

119cc dohc twin cam 4 valve Daytona
Daytona 4 valve head kit
Daytona 5 disk wet clutch kit
Daytona outer roder kit
Daytona high volume oil pump
Daytona oil cooler kit
Daytona 4 speed close ratio gearbox kit
Honda CRF 50 engine case's
Elka rear shock
Marchozzi 35mm USD forks with optional rebound and compound kit and 5k heavy spring
2 left forks for twin disc brake front end
twin 4 spot radial mount billet Brembo's on a custom made billet hub with hand made stainless steel mounts
GSX 1100 Nissan master cylinder with ABS control
32mm stainless mandrel bent head pipe with Yoshimira stainless muffler
28mm keihn carbi
carbon fiber side cover
Yoshmira and muggen catch cans
Bridgestone battlax 601 SS tires
SRG EK chain
12.9 high tensile bolt kit
Digital tacho/hour meter
Race Pod filter
NCS bearings
Carbon fiber tank cover
1.85 12 inch rims front/rear
Mini moto rear mud guard
Hand made foot pegs/brake leaver and axles sliders

well done corey top showing
march fotm
50's brotherhood #1

built from ground up by myself
self sprayed white sdg stlye frame
billet anodised footpegs
pro circuit t4 rep. exhaust
billet clutch lever
alloy rims with billet hubs
fast ace bs-66-ar rear shock.
alloy swing arm.
dp racing chain guide
rk racing chain
uni filter
custom rear shock top mount
machined spindle
machined spacers throughout bike.
ducar 124cc
just to name a few.
June 2008

mini mullisha


  • Honda z50r 85 model engine.
  • tb 88 bore up kit
  • kitaco manifold
  • 20mm carb
  • Frame.
  • Five-O crf50 fork kit with disc
  • Fast50s bar clamp
  • Red baron bmx bars
  • Red baron pegs
  • Reeg crf50 brake pedal
  • Red baron bash plate
  • Snow hog tyres
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