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  1. D

    Gpx 125cc problems

    Hi everyone and thanks for reading my post. I have a problem with my motor it is a GPX 125CC. I bought the bike and brought it back home I got maybe 15 minutes of time out of it and then they croaked.topped in 4th gear was going about 50 to 55 miles an hour I get back into my buddies driveway...
  2. nicko451

    WTB: GPX 125 Head

    WANTED: GPX 125 Head CONDITION: As close to new as i can get or new. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: You tell me. LOCATION: Will pay for postage to bayswater 3153 EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: me on here Cheers
  3. F

    Can I run 660mm gpx forks with 10 inch wheels

    I just brought sum 660 mm gpx black label forks. For a bike I'm doing up I wanna run 10 inch wheels on it but the brake calliper is hitting the rim can I get a smaller one to fit or carnt u run 10 inch with these forks any helps cheers
  4. LEO DPRO 037

    gpx black labels

    Item: Selling some gpx black labels with adjustable compression and rebound. Condition: used Price: $150 + postage payment methods: direct bank transfer or COD Location: south australia
  5. S

    2008 PitPro Lifan 125

    So I picked up a 2008 PitPro yesterday second hand. Its a 124cc Lifan copy, as close as you can get to the real thing but not the real thing...bloody china! I did a whole bunch of work to it today. The expert spanner spinner my67xr helped me with the carby in the early afternoon, he saw at...
  6. gottagetacheaperhobby

    what engine to buy...

    hi guys, i am looking for a little advice here... i currently have a gpx 125 in my bike and am hungry for more but i cant decide on the tb version of the gpx i currently have or a 155/160 ho... i love the way my engine revs but im just not convinced that the gpx 125 engine dhz sell with the tb...
  7. rotn50

    GPX X-Power muffler.

    Got my GPX X-Power muffler from DHZ and the build is quite good, its a damn solid unit and it wont fall apart like most, just hoping I wont have to rejet the carby as the outlet is a lil bit smaller than the lxr muffler im currently running. I know Styv has this muffler and likes it for what it...
  8. Carlts

    Does a GPX Head fit on a yx160

    Hey guys, I am looking at buying a yx160 for my bro's build, and also looking at the possibilities of rebuilding it in the future with the spares I have. So in effect my question is: Will a GPX 155z/160ho Head, Cylinder & Piston, fit on a yx160 bottom end? If not, what would I have...
  9. Carlts

    Tommys Linkage 160cc Build

    Hey guys, Starting a thread on behalf of my brother and his current build. Got a PSTO tl140 roller for a decent price here in Brissy and it pretty much went from there: Brought the roller home, and ripped her apart straight away: Parts that we are gonna keep were cleaned up...
  10. Carlts

    FS: 17/14 wheels, Molkt carb, + more

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Pro Tapers SE $40 SOLD -Good condition, 8 hours use, straight 2. YX160cc $100 SOLD -No side casings, good compression, kicks over, owner said clutch wasn't working Head inspected and is looking in good nick, No teeth missing on gears (refer to pics)...
  11. minibiker

    Jetting and gearing for 125cc gpx motor

    Was wondering what gearing should i use for my bike i have a 125cc gpx race engine, high comp piston, race cams, whopping power, 13,000 rpms stock motor. What gearing should i use since i ride at frankston mx track which is full of turns and corners which is sort of a tight track, ive got a...
  12. rotn50

    GPX 125 barrel.

    Hi all, just need some advice on where i can get my hands on a GPX 125 54mm barrel in new condition, tried DHZ but they only have the pistons, cheers.
  13. the50king

    Full size comp ramp on a dhz 125

    hitting the comp ramp on the 50 probly 30 foot haha Full size Aussie comp ramp on dhz 125 - YouTube<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. the50king

    Riding the new GPX 125 race engine

    Hey guys this is me riding my new GPX race engine on my track, still needs alot of digging but it will get there haha p.s i know ull say wheres ya helmet so before ya ask haha i was gettin hot an took it off.. probly not the best riding but just a quick lap haha<iframe width="560" height="315"...
  15. the50king

    Carby for GPX 125

    hey ive just bought a GPX race engine 125cc, just wondering what the best carby's are for a 125, help me out with brands and size's?? cheers
  16. stuartg

    Need a whole new setup. ?Need help

    hey, so ive had my bike for a while now but everything i pretty shot, other than the engine . so i want to pretty mutch get all new stuff other than the engine, but i dont know to mutchabout getting the right parts the will fit each other help would really be apresiated! + the engine is...
  17. ultimabikestar


    hi i no a bit about pitbikes, but not much and i was wondering what would be a better buy, a pro 125 puzey, or a motovert krusha with a gpx 125cc racing engine in it? the motovert is going for about $500-$600 and the puzey is $1000 (im going to try and ask for it for less) thanx, any comments...
  18. tay212

    gpx 125cc help

    hey guys i brought a 2010 gpx 125cc when it came out this year,its just stock,iv had some good fun with it but i want more power and stuff,so im thinking about boring it out to a 140,but have no clue of what i need to change apart from the clylinder piston and rings,iv heard i can get the 140cc...
  19. T

    DNM vs GPX forks

    Hi All Does anyone know much about the DNM hornet forks with a 48mm fork diameter? I found them on TBolt USA - Pit Bikes, Pitster Pro, SSR, G2 Moto, Honda 50 Engines also can anyone tell me if the DNM are better or worse than the GPX blacklabel fork from DHZ? Please email me at...
  20. P

    How To: Add Lights/Charging to GPX 150/160

    So after much troubleshooting and deliberation today, Myself and Wha77 worked out how to add a charging circuit to the stock GPX stator. It was such a mission but i'm glad we got there in the end. The thread is here if you feel like a massive...