How To: Add Lights/Charging to GPX 150/160

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Dec 5, 2008
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So after much troubleshooting and deliberation today, Myself and Wha77 worked out how to add a charging circuit to the stock GPX stator. It was such a mission but i'm glad we got there in the end. The thread is here if you feel like a massive read... I'm not sure but I'd bet money that this will also work on other engines with the Yellow/Yellow stator wires. This also applies to motors with the Yellow/White combination of wires from the stator. Obviously its not as simple as the colour of the wires but there's a good chance it will work for you too.

It was all just good timing really, I logged in this morning and "ooh look, someone needs help with wiring" and i know a little about wiring ;) so i decided to help the guy out, and now without ever even touching a GPX i can tell you how to wire it lol. This is the lighting that we wired in:
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But essentially what we did was add the charging circuit so you can use this to power whatever really. Anyways to the tutorial.

Difficulty Rating (Out of 5): **
Skills Required: Basic wiring knowledge, ability to use a soldering iron and multimeter.

Similar to my other tutorial, i have included a list of parts and how they work. The charging circuit on all of the Pitbike engines will be pretty much the same. I will most likely consist of the following parts:

Stator - The stators job is to generate a voltage and current. Due to the nature of the stator and the fact that the flywheel rotates around it means that the output voltage is AC which is basically useless in a DC system.

Rectifier/Regulator - The rectifier is a rather simple device made up of a number of diodes (like 1 way electricity valves) in a special order which converts the output of the stator to DC voltage. Inside the rectifier/regulator there will most likely be a number of other components like capicitors and resistors which are all designed to make the output current and voltage more stable an useable.

Wires - There are 4 wires and 3 different colours in the charging circuit --> Yellow, Red ang Green. Lucky for you, you don't have to pull your hair out working out which is which. There could also be a white.

Battery (Optional) - Stores charge... But also functions as a regulator to maintain even voltage to the starter motor or lights ore whatever your running.

Lights (Optional) - Make the surroundings brighter...

That makes up the Charging/Lighting system on most Pitbikes. So while the motor is running we get an AC output from the stator which is converted to DC by the rectifier/regulator which then charges a battery or runs lights or whatever.

Now, the wiring is actually quite simple. You could probably do it in half an hour with these awesome instructions.

Before you start this I would just do a bit of basic checking using a multimeter (needs to be AC(~) and DC(-)) so that you dont fry your Rectifier/Regulator. More info here

1. Look at your motor... Find the output wires from the stator check their colours. There will be 5 wires coming from your stator but the only ones we need to worry about are Both Yellow, or Yellow and white. It should look something like this:

2. Now, you should have some sort of wiring loom that came with the Rectifier/Regulator or with your lighting kit. You need to plug this into your Rectifier. It will have 4 wires --> Red, Yellow, White and Green. It will look like this (The black box thing at the bottom is the Rectifier/Regulator and you can see the wires coming out of the plug):

3. You should now choose a place to mount the rectifier/regulator as it will help you choose wire lengths. Just try to keep it away from places it might get damaged.

4. So now the hard part (it's easy really). All you have to do is solder one of the Yellow wires from the stator to the yellow wire in the Rectifier/Regulator plug(loom). Then you should have either a yellow wire or a white wire left from the stator, and this has to be soldered to the white wire in the Rectifier/Regulator plug. Sorry, no pics for that but its pretty easy. Here's a wiring diagram though:

5. Now, You'll have a green and a red wire left in the rectifier/regulator loom. The green wire has to go to earth. I'd just put a ring terminal on and secure it under an nearby bolt. Try to make it a pretty solid ring terminal as this connection may need to take quite a few amps. And yep, you guessed the red wire is now all set to go to the positive terminal of the battery or the positive connection on you lighting. Again, no pics but its not rocket science lol. That's pretty much it. Your all done with a complete charging circuit. Make sure you have insulated all your solders.

If you have further problems and feedback, things i missed or that are incorrect please reply to this thread or pm me i dont mind. I Also just want to thank Wha77 again as well as headsmess and Follsp33d aswell you guy all helped even if you don't think so.