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  1. J

    A cheap all inclusive Lighting kit ?

    Hi, I am looking for a cheep 12v light kit that I can put on my minibike as I prepare to make it sreeet legal. I am looking for something super simple and that has at minimum turn signals that blink and a break light with controls for turn signals. If a kit has more then that please feel free to...
  2. D

    Lights on Pit Bikes

    I've never needed lights or thought of having them till I went riding in the stato the other night. I had a dolphin torch strapped to the front but it gave poor visibility. I nearly was bitten by a snake on a track as I failed to see it till I rode past and it stuck at me. Anyways I want...
  3. S

    Lifan 140 in a '64 CS90. Electrical frustration.

    I have a '64 Honda s90 that I popped a lifan 140 into. All works, motor, head/tail, brake, and turn signals. Problem I have is not enough voltage to charge the 12v battery(as tested while in idle @7.5v dc after it goes through the rectifier/regulator). This means that with lights on, I...
  4. jimbo jones

    My road registered 140cc Assassin / Shineray build

    I sourced a Shinray Yamato frame with ADR tags on it and I am swapping all my assasian gear into it the frame came with the 12v harness for all the lights and horn so all I need now are the blinkers tail light and head light. Here are the before pic's.
  5. xLOCOx

    How to setup a Rec Reg kit

    g'day there gals and boys i was wondering how to setup a rec reg kit on a kick start only bike. cheers
  6. tiiteri

    Loncin 110cc kickstart lamps?

    Can you get lamps on loncin 110cc kickstart with switch, cause there is a empty connector. or is it just for battery and generator? Here is a piic to help out. [/IMG]
  7. P

    How To: Add Lights/Charging to GPX 150/160

    So after much troubleshooting and deliberation today, Myself and Wha77 worked out how to add a charging circuit to the stock GPX stator. It was such a mission but i'm glad we got there in the end. The thread is here if you feel like a massive...