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  1. S

    Lifan 140 in a '64 CS90. Electrical frustration.

    I have a '64 Honda s90 that I popped a lifan 140 into. All works, motor, head/tail, brake, and turn signals. Problem I have is not enough voltage to charge the 12v battery(as tested while in idle @7.5v dc after it goes through the rectifier/regulator). This means that with lights on, I...
  2. my67xr

    Testing your pit bikes' electrics, Stator Magneto, Source coil, Pulse coil, regulator / rectifier

    i thought i'd make up a thread with some pictures of a few common Stators and list the Ohms readings if anyone needs to check theirs. i'll add some other stators when i get a chance next, and some ignition coils too Lifan 125 type stator and flywheel. the black coil to the left is the Source...
  3. P

    How To: Add Lights/Charging to GPX 150/160

    So after much troubleshooting and deliberation today, Myself and Wha77 worked out how to add a charging circuit to the stock GPX stator. It was such a mission but i'm glad we got there in the end. The thread is here if you feel like a massive...