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  1. 8r3nd0

    Mini Magazine check it out.
  2. motorman

    Miniriders Garage Competition

    OK Guys here is our first comp for 2013. I want to see the best looking garages that will then be voted on by the mods. Now this is not pictures of your shed, this is your bike with full details entered into our Garage. I want to see all the specs laid out and with pictures of the actual...
  3. J3NNINGS_024

    J3NNINGS's z160 perimeter build

    hey all, this should be a quick build as i've already got half of it finished. About 1 1/2 years ago i finished a build with my perimeter frame but overtime i got sick of the little yx 150's power and the bike in general started to look like it's seen better days. i pulled the bike back to the...
  4. J3NNINGS_024

    Suggestions to fit my exhaust

    hi all, I just need a few suggestion on how to make a perimeter frame zorst fit a z160. would i need to cut and weld it to fit, a NCC pipe adaptor, break out the LPG bottle or oxy/acet to heat and bend? any help would be sik as im planning on going for a ride with a few mates on the weekend...
  5. Hillz

    Fotm Hall Of Fame!!!!

    The winners of Fiffty Of The Month! Dabomb December 2006