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  1. Cash.

    Honda CRF50F Modded with only the best

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Honda CRF50F with many of the best mods and brands. Barely used. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $3950.00 ono Cash on pick up. I will have the bike in MELBOURNE early/mid June REASON FOR SELLING: Saving for a mountain bike. Most of my fun was building it, I...
  2. AussieMX

    DRZ-70 FS: $1500

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Very regrettable sale... 2009 Mod Suzuki DRZ-70 Owner from brand new and never had an issue with it. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1500 I am in the Perth area basically every weekend, and can arrange pick-up. Willing to ship at buyers expense. REASON FOR...
  3. beeto252

    Beeto's stocker build ...

    thought I might start a build up on my stocker. I traded my dhz 160r for this 2012 crf50when I got it it had bigger bars, ishock, stiffer fork springs and a few old school fiveo parts on it which I was stoked about heres how I got it. then I added some tb valve covers, red barron cam...
  4. TomaszBurcon


    Items 1.ishock SOLD racing graphics/plastics SOLD 3.crf50 red baron tall seat with coverSOLD 4.35 tooth sprocket SOLD 5.crf50 fuel tank with cap taper crf mx bars SOLD baron mx bars SOLD 8.crf stock throttle with cableSOLD 9.stock crf50 brake pedal 10.crf50 replica frame...
  5. Hillz

    Fotm Hall Of Fame!!!!

    The winners of Fiffty Of The Month! Dabomb December 2006