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  1. Carlts

    SOLD: Pitster Pro LXR 160cc - Near New

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Pitster Pro LXR (Nitro Circus Edition) - 4 hours with Brand New GPX 160ho - 0 hours PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1800 REASON FOR SELLING: I've held on to this bike for a while but was only ridden twice! I'm moving overseas in a month and now it has...
  2. R

    WTB: QLD Pitster Pro LXR roller or complete 160

    hey I'm looking for a pitster pro LXR roller in good condition or a complete running bike, i am also after a second swingarm/linkage and shock for my other LXR Looking for asap Cash Waiting
  3. Carlts

    FS: PSTO 160cc Build

    ITEM AND CONDITION: PSTO 160cc Build PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">$800</span> $700 REASON FOR SELLING: Bro is getting a big bike EXTRA INFO: PSTO build that was started and never finished. Started with a core used PSTO frame and...
  4. Carlts

    Carlts LXR builds

    Well guys I have two LXRs on order, cheers to the Casey at DHZ for being a great help! I figured no one wants to see yet another LXR thread but I figured this would be a good place to post build progress, riding pics and all my questions. Will keep you guys updated with piccies as the bikes /...
  5. Carlts

    WTB: Brand New LXR White Plastics

    Hi guys, I will be after 2 sets of brand new white LXR plastics shortly... Unfortunately DHZ is out of stock, do you guys know of a good place to buy them? I know there is some PSTO sets on eBay but I heard they are slightly different to the Pitster Plastics and I will run into some issues...
  6. J

    Bleeder screw on the lxr

    I need some help with the fork bleeder screw on a nitro circus lxr my son has lost them does anyone know the size of them an the tread type I spoke to dhz they said they don't sell them so I'm going to have to buy a set of fork bleeders to replace them
  7. motorman

    Miniriders.com Race Team first practice

    Had a wicked pratice on Saturday with Chris, Zach and Dyllan out at Kosta's private track. Got a couple of pics to share. Had a few bike issues. YX LXR broke the kick starter shaft 3rd kick off day. lol :( Other LXR had rear sprocket issues and flats all round. Glad all this happened before...
  8. motorman

    WTB: LXR rear brake resevoir

    WANTED: LXR Rear Brake Resevoir CONDITION: Good working condition. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Name your price. LOCATION: Melbourne. Will pay for postage. EXTRA INFORMATION: My old one is cactus. Seals are gone. Will take 2 at the right price so I have a backup. CONTACT: pm me here or...
  9. J

    My Pitster Lxr

    New to the sit but not to mini's thought I'd show my lxr currently waiting for a set of 12/14 wheels again.
  10. my67xr

    New 2015 DHZ 160cc, LXR Spec

    I see the new 2015 DHZ LXR spec Pit Bike pics have come out Update picture Comes with GPX Forks (gold) with new plusher valving.
  11. AntNZ

    Help ! Pitsterpro LXR 17/14

    So i ordered a 2012 x4r couple of weeks ago and much to my surprise a lxr 14 turned up on my doorstep. Not complaining worth nearly 2k more. Thing is I dont know what year/model the bike is, I presume it is a 2012 but dont know. The only place on the bike that has lxr on it is on rear mudguard...
  12. S

    FS: PSTO 160

    1. PSTO 160 - $800 ono -z160ho engine with TB V2 head & S25 auto decomp camshaft -TB high comp piston -OKO 26mm flat slide carb -LXR exhaust -DID chain -1/4 turn throttle -Splitfire ignition lead -Billet clutch lever Great condition bike, ready to be thrashed. Started life as a TL140 but the...
  13. motorman

    Renthal Sprockets for LXR

    Does anyone know if any fit? Would like to swap out the China ones. If not any other name brands that will work?
  14. honda998

    new to the forums and mini scene lxr build soon to come

    hey guys I just joined this website today and looking for some times , I race pro motocross here in Canada , I was screwing around on my buddies crf110 and got bit by the mini bug so in the next couple weeks im going to be picking up a 2009 pitster pro lxr , the guy just replaced the mold motor...
  15. Cordogs

    How do I stop this from happening spanner spinners?

    Pretty self explanatory, I fixed it once took it for a ride then it happened again an hour later. Don't want this to be an ongoing issue!
  16. P

    ciniworx cxz 175

    Just thought id post a pic of my bike . It was ciniworx cxz175 I got when they first came out same time as the rev mx. Now it has tb64mm bore with v2 head Tb s25 cam keihin pe 28 carb Tb hd clutch springs Also has pitsterpro spx factory 14/12 rims The rims look verey strong Universal fat bars...
  17. C

    ttr style plastics-white

    WANTED: white ttr 110 style plastics to suit lxr CONDITION: new or good condition PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:something reasonable LOCATION:somewhere in Aus, will pay postage EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: cam, 0452181552 or PM thanks
  18. J

    Help! Fair price for Pitster pro LXR 160?

    I need to sell a lightly used, bone stock(except grade 8 bolts around motor and frame and new rk chain) perfect condition, 2010 LXR that has been adult ridden and never raced! What is a fair asking price? Thanks
  19. sean01

    Brake pad replacement (LXR,Cini,Revmx,Thumpsters)

    ok, been hearing a few cry's for help regarding replacing the rear brake pads on the above listed bikes (may cover other models too) ok this is pretty straight forward so here goes... some bikes may require the master removed from the frame too. just depends how long the brake line is...
  20. aitken

    THE NEW 155Z CAN GET F@&ked 4 motors down!

    THE NEW 155Z is a joke 4 motors down not even 5 hours on the bike plz delete this post thankyou :)