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  1. Cash.

    Honda CRF50F Modded with only the best

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Honda CRF50F with many of the best mods and brands. Barely used. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $3950.00 ono Cash on pick up. I will have the bike in MELBOURNE early/mid June REASON FOR SELLING: Saving for a mountain bike. Most of my fun was building it, I...
  2. tormentandglory


  3. motorman

    Rebuilding Zhocci's and Elka

    Hey all, Looking at getting both my zhocci's and elka rebuilt. Got a bloke that can do it for me. Just not sure where I can get new seals etc for them? Going to start stipping the bike back tomoz night for a heap of TLC. Will get a build thread up shortly.
  4. S

    Marzocchi front end

    ITEM AND CONDITION:Marzocchi shiver 35mm, also have KLX110 triple clamps or LXR triple clamps PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE:Buyer pays postage costs. $500 for forks alone, $600 with KLX110 triple clamps and new tapered bearings, $550 with LXR triple clamps. OTHER INFO:Forks have 8...
  5. S

    Atomik fuse with Daytona 150 engine heavy mods CHEAP

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Atomik Fuse With a daytona 150cc engine. Here is a list of the part that are on the bike. Engine: Daytona 150cc engine with a keihin PE28, Suspension: Marzocchi shiver Front forks, DNM 320mm Full adjustable in compression and rebound. Frame: Standard Atomik fuse...
  6. S

    Fastace, marzocchi copy front forks, Daytona adjustable stator kit CHEAP

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Faceace front forks, In good condition fork guard stick have come off from pressure washer. $100 2. Marzocchi Front forks, In good condition $100 3. Daytona 150cc stator, In good conditon $150 REASON FOR SELLING: Need fund for my holiday LOCATION...
  7. Killpatrickyum

    Roys CRF MOd

    Hey All, So i picked up all the CRF stocka stuff and all of this together for a sweet...........$500 :grinning-smiley-003 I have started a thread for the stocka in the jap section but this thread will be for the CRFmod im still kind of deciding what I’m doing but i think I’m taking the motor out...


    AS NEW MARZOCCHI 735MM USD COPY FORKS SOLD PENDING PAYMENT!!! ITEM AND CONDITION: 735MM FORKS ~ Adjustable Rebound and Compression ~ Spring Pre-load ~ Fork Pressure Release Screw ~ AL6061 T6 forged Aluminum Body ~ 38mm Aluminum 7075 lower fork tubes ~ Gold Anodized TRIPLE CLAMP...
  9. shepherd

    replacing forks really need help

    hey guys. i have a dhz dpro and the forks on it are only 630mm im wanting to get marzocchi shiver forks but they are 730mm Is it enougth of a diffrence to worrie about. sorry if this is a stupid questoin im new to pit bikes
  10. Hillz

    Fotm Hall Of Fame!!!!

    The winners of Fiffty Of The Month! Dabomb December 2006