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Jan 30, 2010
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Mandurah, WA
ITEM AND CONDITION:Marzocchi shiver 35mm, also have KLX110 triple clamps or LXR triple clamps

PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE:Buyer pays postage costs. $500 for forks alone, $600 with KLX110 triple clamps and new tapered bearings, $550 with LXR triple clamps.

OTHER INFO:Forks have 8 inches of travel, 0.5kg. stiffer springs, Independent compression and rebound damping adjusters, adjustable preload. Pretty much the best forks you can get for the mini bikes, unless you bought these and sent them to be revalved. The forks will also work on other pitbikes which have triple clamps that accept 35mm forks.

REASON FOR SELLING:No longer needed.

LOCATION AND CONTACT DETAILS:Mandurah, WA. Adam - [email protected] or contact me on here.

Forks1b.JPG Forks2b.JPG Forks3b.JPG


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Same length as a stock psto 125 fork (same as let) on the top line of the zoshies
You still didn't tell us what length Zac. The forks I mean
I wasn't even including a front wheel or axle haha, unless someone pays me $50 extra. But no sorry I can't just sell the axle seperate.