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  1. A

    MINI MX RACE 15.10.2016
  2. A


    MiniMX Estonia, Kuimetsa 2. Brauciens - YouTube <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. N

    New Genuine Keihin PE28 Carb

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Genuine Keihin PE28 Carb, Brand new, never used PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $150 REASON FOR SELLING: Purchased to fit to a new bike that I didn't end up buying EXTRA INFO: Includes Daytona manifold etc..came as a whole kit LOCATION AND CONTACT DETAILS...
  4. motovert24

    Daytona Anima 190cc 190FDX PE28 help

    trying to get my daytona anima to run with the pe28 but moved one of the jet height adjustment nuts getting it off and was hoping someone could take a photo of theirs for me so i can try get it back to normal? dont need it taken off just a sideways shot of the jet and bowl
  5. Mexico

    Braaap Street Superlite

    I have had the Braaap Street Superlite for a few months now and is going well. When I got it home: First mod. Shrink licence plate holder. Second Mod, exhaust. DHZ to the rescue. Next was removing the 125 and dropping in the Daytona 190 along with a new carby to match. Carby...
  6. vanq

    Daytona 4v Kick Starter Assembly

    Hi all, When I try to kick start my Daytona Anima 4V 150F about 50% of the time the kick starter slips and you can hear it grinding. I figured the shear gear had died so I have ordered a new kick starter assembly however, I was wondering how hard it is to install? Do I have to split the...
  7. china911

    braaap 190 daytona anima test
  8. my67xr

    Daytona 190 Performance parts, new releases etc

    I thought i'd start a thread to show some of the new stuff that has come out for the Daytona 190's There are now 3x Daytona 190's available, the 190FDX, THE 190 FLX, and the Daytona FD The FLX and FD both have lighting coils installed. The new FD engine has a road based gearbox, 1 down 3...
  9. Sv666

    Wtb Keihin PE26 or PE28 carby for a Daytona 150 2valve (t-Rex)

    Hey guys WANTED: Keihin pe26 or 28 To suit a daytona 150 trex. CONDITION: As new preferred but as long as it's in running order. PREFERED PRICE RANGE: $145 max!! as they are $185 new! LOCATION: Bateau bay 2261 central coast near gosford etc.. EXTRA INFORMATION: Recently bought a nice...
  10. my67xr

    my Braaap Pro Daytona 190F Anima

    i don't know how many of you saw the Braaap Pro 190 i linked for sale on the Ebay / Gumtree Bargains thread but it was sold fairly quick.... Guess who's the new owner ? some pics to follow...
  11. my67xr

    Daytona Anima 190 F FDX FLX, Zongshen 155Z , Yinxiang YX150 YX160 Clutch Basket repair

    an engine i worked on had a lot of rubber in the oil filter strainer down the front/bottom of the r/h engine case so i thought i had better check the clutch basket. it looked ok, but when i held the alloy basket, i could move the gear on the back forwads and backwards. that shouldn't happen...
  12. my67xr

    Daytona 190 FLX, now with lighting/charge coil

    i was just browsing the net and found this version of the Daytona 190, the FLX looks like it's got a lighting coil now to suit road ridden bikes Daytona Anima 190cc FLX Engine they sell the Daytona needle for the PE28 if anyone is having trouble finding one 46-JFQ NEEDLE
  13. rumble

    Anima 150fdx not living up to expectations.

    Have a stock 150 and find it possibly slower than a z160. Looking to get more mid to high power. Currently before it rev limits, the valves start floating, so new valve springs? Carb is an oko 26. Jetted pretty good, happy with how it feels. Have a oko 28 on the z160 so have a bit of...
  14. 8r3nd0

    NSW boys ride days.

    Ok so surely we have a few NSW guys and girls on here, question is do you guys want more ride days and race meets? I'm on the south coast so it's a good 7 to 8hr travel to any race meet in any direction. How far are you willing to travel and where are you at. I want to know that if I organized...
  15. timeeh

    FOTM Oct/Nov 2013

    <div style="float:left; margin-left:15px;color:#B50203;font-weight:900;font-size: 18px; padding:5px 0px 40px 0px; ">"The last Fifty of the Month for 2013 is now up! Some awesome rides this month, get your votes in... ... and good luck to all who entered" cheers from, the Mod Team</div>...
  16. S

    Fastace, marzocchi copy front forks, Daytona adjustable stator kit CHEAP

    ITEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Faceace front forks, In good condition fork guard stick have come off from pressure washer. $100 2. Marzocchi Front forks, In good condition $100 3. Daytona 150cc stator, In good conditon $150 REASON FOR SELLING: Need fund for my holiday LOCATION...
  17. rotn50

    150f/190fdx head bolts torque

    Hey peeps, I did a little searching on google but came up with a few dead ends and my short attention span led me to just ask the question, What is the head tension on the 150f/190fdx donks, I presume the 150 and 190 would be the same tension. Thanks in advance lads.
  18. my67xr

    Eliminating side play in your shift drum ZS155 shown, but should work on most horizontal engines
  19. rotn50

    rotn daytona 150f 4v

    Well most would know i purchased Nicks(nickv1980) Daytona 150f 4v and after a few pays and the wait on delivery the big girl has landed. This motor is heavier than any donk i have lifted and you can tell it is all in the build and the internals to cope with the extra power, she is a thing of...
  20. nickv1980

    Anima 150f valve adjustment

    After every ride i check adjust my valves and i always find the inlet valve clearance has tightened right up to zero i cant get any feller gauges in there but the exhaust valves barley ever need touching . Question : why would this keep happening every single time ? Ive got a special tool to...