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Jan 5, 2009
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After every ride i check adjust my valves and i always find the inlet valve clearance has tightened right up to zero i cant get any feller gauges in there but the exhaust valves barley ever need touching .

Question : why would this keep happening every single time ? Ive got a special tool to lock up the nuts nice and tight and adjust the rocker stud down onto the valve stem top.

Could it be the valves bedding down more into the seats ? valve stretch ? the rocker adjusters turning ?? there always still tight as a mo fo when i crack em undone to re adjust them ...

motor has around 15 or so hours runtime now so i thought this would settle down once everything bedded seated in properly but it hasn't even after 15 hours ...

Mind you i ride it hard but with respect i try to stay off the limiter if i hear it cracking the limiter i back off the throttle right away . I do keep her revving pretty high all day long at the track tho ..

Maintenance wise it gets an oil change every ride ... clean the oil filter / air filter.

Im that ocd i rebuild clean the carby every 3rd track day to make sure she's always as in new condition ..
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what gaps are you setting the clearances to?
"the rocker adjusters turning ??" put a mark on the nut and whatnot and then have a look after a day
if thats the case (the rocker nuts turning) i would prolly get a take titanium rocker nut
if thats the case (the rocker nuts turning) i would prolly get a take titanium rocker nut

yeah its possible there turning ill look into it anyway cheers mate
have you seen this manual, the clearances are slightly larger

manual states mm im not great at the math but wouldn't 0.07mm be around.003 and .004 is around 0.09mm so if anything I'm setting the inlets at the larger tolerance anyway and the exhaust even looser ???

Excuse me if I'm completely wrong lol but thanks for pointing me on the right path mate much appreciated
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the valves must still be seating properly then,
usually the clearances keep getting tighter until the valve has reached it's sweet spot in the seat.
then you wont need to adjust them as much