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  1. M

    odd problems with turning the engine over?

    ok, so i'm a new user and this is my first post, so bare with me i recently bought a whole bunch of pit bikes, one of them is running just fine, the other one is in pieces but appears to have a complete engine. the problem i'm having with it, is when i go to start it with the kickstart, it...
  2. nickv1980

    Anima 150f valve adjustment

    After every ride i check adjust my valves and i always find the inlet valve clearance has tightened right up to zero i cant get any feller gauges in there but the exhaust valves barley ever need touching . Question : why would this keep happening every single time ? Ive got a special tool to...
  3. nickv1980

    Anima 150f Oil filters

    Has anyone got any clue what oil filter to run in the Anima 150f ?? Ive been changing the oil out every 3 to 4 hours ride time but i have no idea where to grab an oil filter from ... I asked Ken at DHZ not too long ago he told me they would be getting them soon but not soon enough for me , im...
  4. rotn50

    Akunar yx150-160,155,160ho cam

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Used(10hrs max) Akunar stage 3 camshaft, 7.50mm lift,SOLD PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $25 + postage REASON FOR SELLING: not needed anymore EXTRA INFO: This cam is for mid to high revs, and would be great for a racing application were low revs isnt needed...
  5. android90

    Motovert RX,(LIFAN 150), CAM UPGRADE?

    Hey all out there , what camshaft would you guys recommend me upgrading to in my lifan 150 (1P56FMJ), It is used on the road so cant sacrificise to much bottom end speed..
  6. M

    Mr Tarded Mo presents Daytona Anima 150F

    Here you go gentlemen! Mr Tarded Mo presents Daytona Anima 150F - YouTube
  7. D

    help with cam/head/valve

    Hey guys. I have a orion 2007 125cc with engine number DJ154FMI. Ok, got the bike with a bent inlet valve. Ordered new valves and timing chain according to the engine number. Firstly the new chain was a link longer so I first used the old chain to check everything. Thats where things went well...
  8. A

    107cc chinese cam upgrade impressions

    Just did cam upgrade on our family's kids 107cc bike. I had previously modded cam sprocket bolt holes to oval shape to get advance/retard adjustability. I had tweaked stock cam back and forth for good bottom end grunt (it's easier to learn to ride a bike that is reluctant to bog and shut down...
  9. sam93

    Camshaft upgrade

    Question: What cam shaft can i get for my engine and what is good etc? How much? Engine: Ducar 125cc 54x54 Carb: Will be getting the oko treatment. (Not 100% but most likley) Head: Stock head will be getting ported Valve springs: Will be go for some new HD ones. Why? I want to get a...
  10. PIMP50

    lifan 140 piston

    how big is a lifan 140 piston in MM thnaks
  11. L

    hi comp piston for lifan 150 akunar

    hi all, hope you are all well:) im trying to find a hc piston from akunar for my lifan 150, im not sure which 1 to get could you point me in the right direction longjohn
  12. D

    57mm akunar piston on 140 lifan?

    Alright after looking at the cheap piston here, I have decided to step it up since the engine is here and apart. This is all regarding a 140cc OGM (Lifan). I was looking at the akunar piston AKPRP010-A which is a high compression piston with a pintop to deck height of only 13mm compared to the...
  13. D

    Need piston for 140 lifan

    alriight if anyone can direct me to a new h/c piston for the 140cc OGM (lifan) engine that would be great. I belive the diameter is 55, I will then just hone out the cylinder and put the piston in, along with a head with new updated valves, springs and all that for a race cam. I belive this will...
  14. D

    Lifan 140cc piston diameter??

    I need to buy a new piston and was wondeing if you guys could help me out. I need to know the dimensions of the stock 140cc piston, thanks
  15. D

    140cc OGM engine piston/cylinder

    Hi there, I was wondering where I could buy a cylinder and high comp piston for this engine. I measured the piston and it seems to be 54 in width, but iv seen some people say its 55. So any help would be great!!! thanks a lot
  16. M

    trying to buy the right cam and piston from akunar

    i would like to buy crower g2 equivilent cam and hi comp 10:1-10.5:1 piston from akunar but dont know there product descriptions and dont want to f#$k up the order has any one ordered the same thing i,m after from akunar. i have a lifan 138 (127) 55.5 x 54 with irk. and would greatly appreciate...
  17. R

    ahp 124cc high comp piston + Cams?

    question about the ahp high comp piston for 124cc engines i was wondering if this will fit directly into my lifan 124cc all up engine the bore on the ahp piston is 52.4 should this be the same as mine?and also ive been doing some searching for a cam upgrade ive only really seen the the 2 kitaco...
  18. W

    Perfomance 125cc Cylinder and Piston Barrel

    Just wondering if this would make much/any differance to the standard ducar, loncin engine, cheers