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Oct 2, 2006
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question about the ahp high comp piston for 124cc engines i was wondering if this will fit directly into my lifan 124cc all up engine the bore on the ahp piston is 52.4 should this be the same as mine?and also ive been doing some searching for a cam upgrade ive only really seen the the 2 kitaco one, the high rev cam and the ultra high rev cam, will these both fit directly into my engine also?
Get a Crower G1 or G2 Cam, they are cheap are very good. As for the bore and HC piston, im unsure on the standard bore of a lifan
ok thanks for the advise i think im going to end up ordering a tb high rev cam and kitaco super coil from fully50's and go look at other places for the kigh compression piston if anyone knows of any please tell me so i can check it out also if anyone has had any exprience with the tb cam or know whether its worth buying a super coil please tell me also thanks

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