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    Idle problem...high rev with choke on, dies when choke off

    Hi guys ive got 125cc orion X model. Its got a stock carb, k & n air filter, hi rev CDI, high performance coil. Recently after i put the high performance stuff on it started to red line after a cold start with the choke on. When i would shut the choke off it would die. after it would get...
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    High rev during cold start with choke on

    First off let me say this bike blows hard but then again what do you expect, it is a Chinese bike. NEVER BUY FROM ORION EVER!!!! Its a 125cc OPBS X with and after market pipe and full brand new electrical system the whole electrical system when to pot after they set the CDI on the exhaust...
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    ahp 124cc high comp piston + Cams?

    question about the ahp high comp piston for 124cc engines i was wondering if this will fit directly into my lifan 124cc all up engine the bore on the ahp piston is 52.4 should this be the same as mine?and also ive been doing some searching for a cam upgrade ive only really seen the the 2 kitaco...