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alriight if anyone can direct me to a new h/c piston for the 140cc OGM (lifan) engine that would be great. I belive the diameter is 55, I will then just hone out the cylinder and put the piston in, along with a head with new updated valves, springs and all that for a race cam. I belive this will be better then stock. If there are any head/cylinder mods, please let me know, thanks again
thanks, I passed by this site before, I juss needa get into contact with the seller. good site tho, thankss
The answer to your question is in your request for Lifan 140 piston diameter thread . The OGM 140 is a US bike and it does have what appears to be a genuine Lifan 140 (55 mm bore x 59 mm stroke) in it with the OGM brand name cast into the cases and it's a 4 up shifting engine ...... are you in OZ or the US ???