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  2. Naturalbornthriller

    A Cheap and Reliable UK site !

    Iv ordered parts and they have been fantastic , for all based in uk i usee :
  3. china911

    dhz 110 lowering rear

    one of the kids has out grown the pw 50 and l want to put them on the dhz. Still a little tall. It currently runs a 280 mm length . lm looking at something cheap and 240mm. or less if they exist. Cheap means no rebound adjust. DHZ has a DNM 240 with rebound for $90 odd dollars. Are they...
  4. Blender

    Suzuki RMX250 98 ?

    Just wondering what people's opinions on the RMX's are, specifically the 98 model, as I am thinking of getting one, they are cheap enough, and a 2T would be fun on the road ;)
  5. G

    Knee Slider Options?!

    Hey everyone, I am wanting to do some mini motard riding at Archerfield soon and am looking for options other than leathers for knee protection/sliding. Anyone know of any cheap knee sliders that I can wear over my kevlar jeans? Thanks.
  6. G

    Budget power upgrades on a 125cc lifan.

    Just wondering will my z155 barrel/head ect bolt stright on? They have 0hrs on them as I bought a bbk as the same time. If not is there any cheap easy mods I can do to my lifan?
  7. S

    The best bargain yet !! Z160HO PitPro !

    So I've been scoping out the pitbike sites for a while. Decided a few people would be around home todays so I put up that I was after a new motor, something decent. Some guy messaged me said he had a 160yx fully running, all gears, he has a big bike now and wants to get ride of it as his lad...
  8. S

    can someone help me find a cheap pit bike

    I live in Australia, Melbourne and im looking for a pit bike for something around 500 found some but dont know if there good. Found these dont have a clue which is better: 125cc TDR PIT DIRT MOTOR TRAIL BIKE THUMPSTAR AX0 SDB125B DIRT BIKE 125cc 125CC TDR ALLOY PIT TRAIL
  9. TYE

    No name china bike

    This is a review of my no name Chinese 125 dirt bike I got off ebay for $440 brand new shipped. Bad first impression. Comes fully assembled so it is not in a shipping metal frame and the brake lever is completely snapped off, making us assume bad quality transit. So me and my dad guessed it was...
  10. Kylegooseman

    Pbe 110

    G'day, Last weekend I bought a second hand Pit Boss Empire 110 for $400, the last owner kept it in great condition and didn't abuse it. In my opinion this is a great bike, the whole thing feels solid and its got crap loads of power, I havent had chance to properly run it yet due to the weather...
  11. PIMP50

    lifan 140 piston

    how big is a lifan 140 piston in MM thnaks
  12. qwerty123

    pit bike shops in dandenong???

    hi i am just curious is there any pitbike shops in dandenong close to the train station(walking distance) because i need a new 125cc motor for my bike any places where i can get a motor for $300 :confused:
  13. L

    hi comp piston for lifan 150 akunar

    hi all, hope you are all well:) im trying to find a hc piston from akunar for my lifan 150, im not sure which 1 to get could you point me in the right direction longjohn
  14. D

    57mm akunar piston on 140 lifan?

    Alright after looking at the cheap piston here, I have decided to step it up since the engine is here and apart. This is all regarding a 140cc OGM (Lifan). I was looking at the akunar piston AKPRP010-A which is a high compression piston with a pintop to deck height of only 13mm compared to the...
  15. D

    Need piston for 140 lifan

    alriight if anyone can direct me to a new h/c piston for the 140cc OGM (lifan) engine that would be great. I belive the diameter is 55, I will then just hone out the cylinder and put the piston in, along with a head with new updated valves, springs and all that for a race cam. I belive this will...
  16. D

    Lifan 140cc piston diameter??

    I need to buy a new piston and was wondeing if you guys could help me out. I need to know the dimensions of the stock 140cc piston, thanks
  17. D

    140cc OGM engine piston/cylinder

    Hi there, I was wondering where I could buy a cylinder and high comp piston for this engine. I measured the piston and it seems to be 54 in width, but iv seen some people say its 55. So any help would be great!!! thanks a lot
  18. M

    trying to buy the right cam and piston from akunar

    i would like to buy crower g2 equivilent cam and hi comp 10:1-10.5:1 piston from akunar but dont know there product descriptions and dont want to f#$k up the order has any one ordered the same thing i,m after from akunar. i have a lifan 138 (127) 55.5 x 54 with irk. and would greatly appreciate...
  19. W

    Perfomance 125cc Cylinder and Piston Barrel

    Just wondering if this would make much/any differance to the standard ducar, loncin engine, cheers