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  1. B

    Do I need new piston/rings

    I have a 150 that I have been slowly trying to get into working order I have fixed heaps of stuff on the thing and had it running every time till some thing ells broke. The issue now is smoke a lots of it When I start it it will run fine for a few seconds then the smoke slowly starts to...
  2. B

    Z160Ho lighting and battery charging?

    Hi all! I've been doing some engine swapping lately on my rx50 (used to have a yx150 with a 125cc stator/flywheel and now it is a tiny bit dead...) and now I have managed to fit a z160ho inside that crammed little frame. It has the outer rotor kit (as all of them do) but there are no charging...
  3. my67xr

    Daytona / Lifan 150 Adjustable Outer Rotor Stator conversion to Z155Ho, Z160Ho etc

    i thought i'd make a thread for anyone wanting to convert their Ignition's to the Daytona / Lifan 150 Adjustable Outer Rotor set up on Zongshens etc this is the basic Outer Rotor kit to suit a Daytona 150 / 190 or Lifan 150 that you'll need to do the conversion. or you can buy the more...
  4. timeeh

    HELP!!! No spark... Daytona/Lifan 150 style Adjustable Outer Rotor

    I know it's been covered b4 but i have no idea what i'm supposed to be doing when it comes to multimeters :( Hopeing someone can help. I have so far elimiated the following Brand new plug Swap 3 different plug leads and heads Changed out the coil to the old standard one Unplugged and...
  5. S

    Correct valve clearance gaps on a lifan 150?

    What sized feeler guages do I use for intake and exhaust on the 150 lifan motor?
  6. Clunk

    Head swapping and modification Q's (Lifan)

    Can anyone tell me if a Lifan 140 head will definitely bolt straight onto a Lifan 150 barrel and cases using the 150 timing chain, cam, head gasket and sprocket?? And if so what are the differences, such as valve sizes, combustion chamber cm3 , cam specs, valve lift, etc. Are all the parts...
  7. android90

    "5 speed transmission for road use"

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows of any reliable" 5 speed transmissions(OR EVEN 6 SPEED IF IT WOUD BE ANY GOOD??) that will suit my LIFAN 150-1P56FMJ..... Take into consideration this motor is in my road riden 'Motovert RX" here is one from a brand called NECTO, but i do not know of...
  8. K

    thumpstar problems

    I have a thumpstar 150cc lifan engine , having trouble with it can anybody help . starts fine , idles good , and when u start riding it starts jerking , it has a new spark plug , ive stripped the carbie down and cleaned it , its still doing the same thing , the carbie is a 26mm oko. thanks
  9. J3NNINGS_024

    Lifan 150cc Q's

    hey everyone, i need an engine for one of my mini builds and i was considering the lifan 150. Some of you guys must own or have rode a bike with a lifan 150 in it. So i was just wondering what sort of power these donks put out? Do they go hard? Like comapring it to a yx 150 or a z155(I've rode...
  10. sebsktm

    150 cams

    hey peepz. was just wondering if any of you would be able to point me in the right direction for a decent set of racing cams to suit lifan 150's. cant wait til the ting hammers!
  11. PIMP50

    lifan 140 piston

    how big is a lifan 140 piston in MM thnaks
  12. sean01

    yx150 dt-5 center case..need a bit of advice

    hi there, i got a yx150 dt-5 daytona motor here that im repairing for a mate. its got the cracked cases syndrome from the owner putting a outer rotor kit on it and putting it on full advance....hmmm nice hey... anyways, iv looked everywhere for a replacement case that takes the same...
  13. Thumpstar Pro

    Help finding Lifan 150! PLEASE!

    Hey guys I'm hoping you can help. Ive been looking everywhere and cannot find a lifan 150 in Australia to buy. I'm after a new engine complete. PLEASE HELP! Would prefer a ready to ride engine with carb, wiring and all. I just love that oil filter.
  14. L

    hi comp piston for lifan 150 akunar

    hi all, hope you are all well:) im trying to find a hc piston from akunar for my lifan 150, im not sure which 1 to get could you point me in the right direction longjohn
  15. D

    57mm akunar piston on 140 lifan?

    Alright after looking at the cheap piston here, I have decided to step it up since the engine is here and apart. This is all regarding a 140cc OGM (Lifan). I was looking at the akunar piston AKPRP010-A which is a high compression piston with a pintop to deck height of only 13mm compared to the...
  16. D

    Need piston for 140 lifan

    alriight if anyone can direct me to a new h/c piston for the 140cc OGM (lifan) engine that would be great. I belive the diameter is 55, I will then just hone out the cylinder and put the piston in, along with a head with new updated valves, springs and all that for a race cam. I belive this will...
  17. D

    Lifan 140cc piston diameter??

    I need to buy a new piston and was wondeing if you guys could help me out. I need to know the dimensions of the stock 140cc piston, thanks
  18. D

    140cc OGM engine piston/cylinder

    Hi there, I was wondering where I could buy a cylinder and high comp piston for this engine. I measured the piston and it seems to be 54 in width, but iv seen some people say its 55. So any help would be great!!! thanks a lot
  19. M

    trying to buy the right cam and piston from akunar

    i would like to buy crower g2 equivilent cam and hi comp 10:1-10.5:1 piston from akunar but dont know there product descriptions and dont want to f#$k up the order has any one ordered the same thing i,m after from akunar. i have a lifan 138 (127) 55.5 x 54 with irk. and would greatly appreciate...
  20. W

    Perfomance 125cc Cylinder and Piston Barrel

    Just wondering if this would make much/any differance to the standard ducar, loncin engine, cheers