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  1. S

    What are the best bang for buck lifan 125 upgrades?

    So it looks like my 125 lifan is going to be in the bike for a while as I get other motors sorted out. A new smaller flywheel is already on the cards. What else can I do to get it running a little faster without being to crazy spending a ton of money? Links would also be nice as I just got the...
  2. J

    YX160 160CC out to 184cc, big bore kit

    Could someone plz explain how I go about stroking my 160 to 184 what do I exactly need to do so?
  3. timeeh

    Installing a V2 and 184cc kit with a auto decomp on a YX engine

    This is just a basic guide (in fact my first 4S build) so don't take this as gospel and please feel free to add bits i may of missed or got wrong... Anyway lets start by pulling down the YX160. Fisrt of all i would prep the new head with the cam, rockers + tappets and arms. Start by fitting...
  4. Chickenwingz

    Chickenwingz's question thread

    Bike Silencer How can i silence my pitster pro so that it doesn't annoy the neighbors?
  5. DHZ_XR8cing

    Thoughts on a ORK and a 184cc big bore kit

    Good evening everyone. Im just doing a bit of dreaming at the moment. I got my v2 getting some work done to it at the moment and was looking for a few more goodies. Whats everyones thoughts and experiences with the Racing Outer Rotor kit and the TB 184cc bigbore kit for my 160?? Is the...
  6. PIMP50

    lifan 140 piston

    how big is a lifan 140 piston in MM thnaks
  7. L

    hi comp piston for lifan 150 akunar

    hi all, hope you are all well:) im trying to find a hc piston from akunar for my lifan 150, im not sure which 1 to get could you point me in the right direction longjohn
  8. jasonbutey

    The Im Going To Thread

    Ok theres a thread and its called ( THE I JUST DID ) so i decided to make a thread called (THE IM GOING TO) soo we can all chat about what where going to do with our bikes, or whatever. ENJOY
  9. D

    57mm akunar piston on 140 lifan?

    Alright after looking at the cheap piston here, I have decided to step it up since the engine is here and apart. This is all regarding a 140cc OGM (Lifan). I was looking at the akunar piston AKPRP010-A which is a high compression piston with a pintop to deck height of only 13mm compared to the...
  10. D

    Need piston for 140 lifan

    alriight if anyone can direct me to a new h/c piston for the 140cc OGM (lifan) engine that would be great. I belive the diameter is 55, I will then just hone out the cylinder and put the piston in, along with a head with new updated valves, springs and all that for a race cam. I belive this will...
  11. D

    Lifan 140cc piston diameter??

    I need to buy a new piston and was wondeing if you guys could help me out. I need to know the dimensions of the stock 140cc piston, thanks
  12. D

    140cc OGM engine piston/cylinder

    Hi there, I was wondering where I could buy a cylinder and high comp piston for this engine. I measured the piston and it seems to be 54 in width, but iv seen some people say its 55. So any help would be great!!! thanks a lot
  13. M

    trying to buy the right cam and piston from akunar

    i would like to buy crower g2 equivilent cam and hi comp 10:1-10.5:1 piston from akunar but dont know there product descriptions and dont want to f#$k up the order has any one ordered the same thing i,m after from akunar. i have a lifan 138 (127) 55.5 x 54 with irk. and would greatly appreciate...
  14. W

    Perfomance 125cc Cylinder and Piston Barrel

    Just wondering if this would make much/any differance to the standard ducar, loncin engine, cheers http://cgi.ebay.com.au/BN-125cc-Cylinder-and-Piston-Barrel-for-Performa-Race_W0QQitemZ4636721274QQcategoryZ29705QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem