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  • All good mate, I've been pretty flat out myself organising a wedding, bucks night,getting married and all that other $*#!.

    I decided to go to my local Dhz dealer and got a very aggresive looking Vee Rubber tyre! never heard of it before but he recommended it over the Kenda, same price too. My mate recons it ****s all over his rear Carlsbad. Just not sure how long its going to last.

    Again thanks for your help mate.
    Hey mate what kind of tyres are you using, we took the bikes out on Saturday and my new tyres are a bit average, my good mate has some Kenda - Carlsbad tyres he reckons there great, any advise on the subject?
    Hi, ill take the headlight switch/ kill switch, its the one in the second pic with the red switch on top. sorry I've never brought anything off the forums before so how do we do this.
    Regards Russell

    Edit: oops wrote this in the wrong section
    Hey mate contact Alan proctor. 0409 415 908. He is the guy I spoke to to join up for east malvern motorcycle club. He will send u an email with a form. Good to see some more competitors getting out. In terms of athletes, all shapes and ages are racing.
    Hey DHZ_XR8cing,
    Been inspired to get a DHZ 160r Outlaw after Carlts' build (my bro), and also was impressed at the review you gave of it!
    How's yours been? And do you know wether they did strengthen the shock mount in newer models?
    Cheers, tommyh
    hi mate,
    i need some help. how do u find info like time and where this high rollers maitland track ?
    sorry mate im still new
    from mitch
    dont know what it is but everytime i suggest something or write stuff that pbk gets into me and i just delete what ive written cause he pisses me off
    hay there, how r u going,, u wldnt have any pic of ur bike at all so i cld get a look see at it, cos tha ones on dhz website are not big enough cheer clint
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