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Wtb Keihin PE26 or PE28 carby for a Daytona 150 2valve (t-Rex)

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Sep 29, 2014
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Hey guys

Keihin pe26 or 28
To suit a daytona 150 trex.

As new preferred but as long as it's in running order.

$145 max!! as they are $185 new!

Bateau bay 2261 central coast near gosford etc..

Recently bought a nice 08 Motovert pro with the 150 daytona t-Rex motor and it's only got a mikuni 26 or 28mm carby on It, (floods the bike easy tho and leaks out the overflow a lot hence wonting new carby) it works pretty good and has no flat spots and also revs nice and smooth threw out the rpms, seems to have more power up mid-top end but isn't to bad taking off and when cruzing and low rpm then going to WOT is good to revs really quick

either PM me or reply and we can go from there :)

Cheers guys!!
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Thanks for the info mate :) I didn't know about that site
Do u mean the 160 daytonas? Or like any 160?
Coz I had a 155z in my old xr4 with a big race cam,v2 head 184cc kit or wat Eva, It Was a ex race bike so had all the good gear from TB, and the trex daytona 150e feels a lot similar in overall top-end power but the daytona just feels more smooth and safe to rev off its tits lol :) oh and the worked 155z had a OKO26 flat side and stock pitster pro pipe (FMF). The 155z was ment to have 20hp at the wheel lol that's what the old owner said it was dyno'd at but who knows, some people like to talk out there arses haha
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Oh ok fair enough, yeah mine goes really well for a 6 year old motor with a **** carby.
not shore how others have gone with them tho, hopefully other people can comment about there experience with 150e or t-Rex daytonas as I'd like to know as well :)
Think you would be better off buying a new one mate.

Not many people want to part ways with them as they are a great carb.
Oh ok then, think I might just save up that bit more and get a new1 then, on the subject does any1 know if the 2stroke Keihin pe28 are able to fit a 4 stroke? There's some on eBay really cheap and with a jet kit and rebuild kit but not shore if the carby will work how it should, I msged the seller and he said if I change the jets and pinch a vacume line closed it will work but that sounds dodgy lol
Cheers for the info to mate
These are his words when i asked about working with 4strokes

"Yes, work ok.
Have main jet kit in carburetor, setup not problem. Default main jet 135#. In kit : 90-100-110-120-130-140-150
Left and right side have copper pipe for 2t oil, and vacuum fuel tap. Not use prease closed.
Best regards!"

I tryed to post link but couldn't figure it out so here's the listings name.

"Keihin PE 24 carburetor (NEW) + repair kit + main jet kit 7 pcs."

I know it's only a 24 but they should sell other sizes and this is only about $90aus
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i'd steer clear of it personally, it takes a bit more than pinching a pipe and changing jets
emulsion tubes are different (needle jet), needles are different, slides are different and some of the metering holes sizes are also different
Thanks heaps for that info mate. thought it might be way to much of a stuff around. Saved me some time and wasting money, Cheers :)
Oh yeah works out to be $126.44 with express postage as it was only $10 more.

Ok so what jets would I need or would it just be a trial and error sort of thing? And also how do I change the choke to a manual style, is it hard? It's only bout $10 as well.

i haven't played with a Keihin PE, but i reckon it would just be a matter of unscrewing the cable end from the carby, and screwing the new manual on/off button back in the carby.
let them know what engine you are fitting it too and see if they can recommend some jets for you
you could message them and ask

this is taken from the Daytona 150 manual on page 46
For Keihin PE & PWK Pilot jets-
#35, 38, 40, 42, 45, & 48

and Main jets -
Main Jet Set (8 pcs/set) for Keihin
Main Jet Set (8 pcs/set) for Keihin

they also recommend a specific needle for the PE28, and a slide
the details are in the manual
No worries doesn't sound to hard :) I'll give them a msg and see what they say about jets, thanks for the info mate ur a legend!