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  1. 125cc mad

    Carby for stock Lifan 125cc?

    Hey guys as it turns out I have a new 22/26mm Mikuni carby running stock jets #95/#15 would this work on a stock Lifan 125cc? To be exact it's a TDR PRO 125 currently running the stock carby and exhaust. Any help would be great :)
  2. T

    Carby flooding randomly

    Hey mini crew, Bike: Dhz 160 Engine: z155 Carby: Stock (mikuni 22mm i think) Problem: Bike idles and runs fine 90% of the time. If I snap the throttle it seems to flood the carby and not clear itself out. Example: Cruising along everything is fine, missed a gear and accidently revved...
  3. L

    pit bike 125 problems.

    [SIZE=5]hey, I have a crossfire cf125 pit bike. am having trouble with carby, bike was dying when opening throttle, I cleaned carby (was filthy) pilot jet was blocked. Now bike does not die as bad as before but its still doing it a bit. Also when bike is idleing if i put the choke on it wont...
  4. Z

    Need help tuning walbro carby on small 2 stoke engine

    hey everyone, ive got one of those motorised mountain bike setups with a pretty decent engine and a chainsaw diaphram type carby as its better than the float bowl carbs you can buy for them( i think its a walbro, with low and high jet screws) and before you laugh cos of my silly bike, i have 2...
  5. Mexico

    Braaap Street Superlite

    I have had the Braaap Street Superlite for a few months now and is going well. When I got it home: First mod. Shrink licence plate holder. Second Mod, exhaust. DHZ to the rescue. Next was removing the 125 and dropping in the Daytona 190 along with a new carby to match. Carby...
  6. S

    Crf50 carby and throttle cable question

    Hey guys I have a crf50 that has a 133cc engine from a motovert and the throttle doesn't spring back when released. I looked at where the throttle cable goes into the carby and the cable is bent up between the carby and bottom of fuel tank. Has anyone had this problem before and is there a...
  7. F

    Ducar 200 dies under full throttle, advice needed please

    my 200cc ducar has just had a new mikuni carby fitted ,new spark plug and new fuel lines and filter also I drained the fuel and put fresh fuel in it .. the bike starts well but anything above 2/3rds throttle it completely runs out of puff and crackles and farts etc does anybody have any ideas...
  8. S

    Help with new bike

    Hey guys I just brought my little nephew a Crf50 but after I brought it I found out it has had a Motovert 133cc engine fitted Now I tried to start it today and it won't start so I am asking for some help from the techs or pro's as I have tried a few things and it won't start I pulled the...
  9. D

    Engine conversion 50cc to 125cc, needing some help with wiring please

    Hi guys, I recently replaced my pitster pro engine with a 125cc Lei engine and it all fits perfectly, problem im having is that i seriously have no idea how the wiring goes, i have old wiring from old engine and wiring from the new engine i got second seriously confused as hell, if...
  10. T

    Best Carby for 70cc ?

    Hey guys, Im picking up a 70cc Grudge soon, it supposedly has carby issues, so I figured I would get a new carby, as I would like a bit more go, so my question is, what size carby would be best for it, I have found Mikuni carbies ranging from 19mm to 30mm. I found a 26mm Mikuni one on ebay for...
  11. T

    Best Carby for 70cc

    Hey guys, Im picking up a 70cc Grudge soon, it supposedly has carby issues, so I figured I would get a new carby, as I would like a bit more go, so my question is, what size carby would be best for it, I have found Mikuni carbies ranging from 19mm to 30mm. I found a 26mm Mikuni one on ebay for...
  12. D

    Revving problems ??

    When i give the bike acceleration it bogs out it only allows me to gradually rev the bike real slow if i try to just go flat rev it bogs and dies, i have pulled the carby out and cleaned it with carby spray, i did notice that the black plastic gasket on the carby had a crack in it and a chip...
  13. J

    Crf50 2005 carby

    WANTED: crf50 carby off a 2005 and throttle cable CONDITION: used but in good working order PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: let me know what you got LOCATION: Sydney EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: tony 0414579251 or through the forum
  14. R

    2014 KLX110, upgrade carby or re jet stock ??

    hey fellas have a 2014 klx110l everything pretty much stock on it i have cut out the back of the airbox where the frame hole is and drilled out the exhaust rite at the header pipe to open it up took it for a test ride and runs like **** would the better option be to jet the stock carby or go for...
  15. Sv666

    Wtb Keihin PE26 or PE28 carby for a Daytona 150 2valve (t-Rex)

    Hey guys WANTED: Keihin pe26 or 28 To suit a daytona 150 trex. CONDITION: As new preferred but as long as it's in running order. PREFERED PRICE RANGE: $145 max!! as they are $185 new! LOCATION: Bateau bay 2261 central coast near gosford etc.. EXTRA INFORMATION: Recently bought a nice...
  16. Johnny_Boi85

    whats the perfect carby for me

    looking at buying a new carby for my bike as I am having dramas with my current 26mm Molkt that came standed on my 150cc atomik nitrous. Ive never changed jets in a carby and would like to buy one where I can just bolt it up and ride with minimum tuning and stuffing around. I was thinking of...
  17. D

    125cc pit bike for $250!

    ITEM: 125cc pit bike CONDITION: - Not starting and may be due to a blocked pilot jet/pilot circuit in carby - Missing header pipe for exaust - Bike is not in it's best condition but with a good clean and after fixing the carby it's a great bike REASON FOR SELLING: Don't have the...
  18. Lochie 125

    Mikuni 22/26mm air/fuel mixtures :/

    Hey guys, I used to be on the forum a few years ago under "Lochie125" But ive forgotten my password and e-mail address to the account :/ I had my carby cleaned and Reconditioned by someone, so it had the air/fuel mixture screw taken out and cleaned, my problem is, it is under the carby...
  19. G

    Z160HO installing into 125 frame

    Hey I'm thinking of buying the Z160HO from eBay but im a bit worried about installation and if it will go straight in. Would I need to buy a different clutch cable and carby This is the motor that's in atm 156fm1. Can you see any problems I could possibly have.
  20. S

    What size KEIHIN carby for yx150?

    So just having a look at carby options. I have a manifold on the way but the 22 fakuni just really wont cut the mustard with this motor so looking at a KEIHIN PE24 but dont really know to much about them. Is the 24 a good size match up for it or better off going bigger? Not to sure about running...