Engine conversion 50cc to 125cc, needing some help with wiring please

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Jul 16, 2014
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Hi guys,

I recently replaced my pitster pro engine with a 125cc Lei engine and it all fits perfectly, problem im having is that i seriously have no idea how the wiring goes, i have old wiring from old engine and wiring from the new engine i got second hand...im seriously confused as hell, if i take pics would anyone be able to help me with this drama im having, tried searching the net but nothing, also can i use the carb i had on my 50cc pitster pro as i was told the carby on those bikes were way to bike for the 50cc engines anyway?? otherwise i still have the carby from the 125cc engine but kinda is a tight fit
you are probably best off with the 125 carby on the 125.

wiring wont be a problem just put some pics up, need some of the 125 stator wires, the 50cc's wiring harness ends for the stator, and the matching cdi pics