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  1. tormentandglory


  2. Mini-Fifty

    XR50 01' Stock/Mod Ultimate stocker build.

    Hey guys, Already had a few mod/stock 50's in the past, sold everything and havent done anything with them the last 2 years. I saw a clean stockXR50 01' frame for sale, bought it and going to start a build from ground up. :D I braced it (Welds doesnt look amazing, but works great) and bought...
  3. roostyamates

    Pro taper bars

    hey guys just wondering if i would need to change anything on my bike (atomik nitrous 160) to fit pro taper xr50 bars?
  4. Biff80

    Opinions Please

    Im needing some feedback. im looking at buying a 50cc possibly a 70cc for my 12yo nephew for xmas, just wanting opinions on what brand/models you would recommend. i want to buy a china bike but so much companies to choose from, Atomik, Pit Pro, TDR, Pitster Pro the list goes on. Im thinking a...
  5. D

    Engine conversion 50cc to 125cc, needing some help with wiring please

    Hi guys, I recently replaced my pitster pro engine with a 125cc Lei engine and it all fits perfectly, problem im having is that i seriously have no idea how the wiring goes, i have old wiring from old engine and wiring from the new engine i got second seriously confused as hell, if...
  6. Phil67

    Braaap - 201cc

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Braaap Classic - 201cc PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1000 for Miniriders members, cash on pick up REASON FOR SELLING: Retiring EXTRA INFO: Braaap Classic 201cc - YX160 Crank, 67mm barrel and piston Manual Decomp lever Brand new 67mm barrel and...
  7. P

    Atomik pro x 125 fork oil

    Hi everyone new hear just a quick question the front forks on my 08 pro x 125 are very soft they use half there travel when i just sit on it i weigh about 55kg. Iv got fork oil for it question is where do i fill it up from the adjusters on the top don't seem to undo do is there another spot i...
  8. H

    Pit pro 125

    Hey guys I'm new here, also just purchased a pit pro 125cc SE (lifan) And the bike has been great hasn't missed a beat just lacking a bit of power all round So I'm planning on putting a 155z motor in it and then modifying that over time Will this make much of an improvement? In other words...
  9. D

    Hope I don't sound stupid asking this question

    I am wondering what I need to do to my bike to extend my revs out when I'm riding as they don't seem to rev out very much, I ride a pitster pro x4r 160cc,if I change my sprocket will it improve anything or no point,just needing advice please
  10. Jammo

    Jammo's Thumpstar

    Decided to start a thread for a new build i'm starting next week.. Picking up this Monday or so next week : Here are the plans... Keen on some advice and tips and opinions so let me know ! Pro taper se / tag x5 bars Fast 50s billet throttle / pro taper grips ASV F3 clutch...
  11. B

    Electric starter problems on Pitsterpro mx110

    Hi guys & gals, just bought a pitster pro mx110 for my son, it's only 6 weeks old and the electric starter has crapped itself, I've checked battery, fuse and wireing and all seem fine, the starter itself works fine if I put direct power to it, any ideas would be much appreciated, I'm not the...
  12. kosta

    2007 Motovert Pro YX160 Elka LXR Wheels

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Hey guys, selling a 2007 Motovert Pro, running a YX160 with tb piston. Has an Elka rear shock (worth over $400 new), fully adjustable forks (compression/rebound) and Pro Taper bars. Also has near new Pitsterpro LXR wheels. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE...
  13. Carlts

    WTB: Linkage Swingarm (LXR, Mojo, PSTO, etc)

    WANTED: Linkage swingarm for the PSTO. Something like an LXR, Motovert or PSTO TL160 swinger. CONDITION: New, or great condition. I have a steel one at present and want to upgrade to an alloy one like links below...
  14. tomy251

    Are they Good? 2008 Motovert Pro with 125 Daytona???

    Hi guys! Just wanting your thoughts about the 2008 Motovert Pro with the Daytona 125cc??? Ive been looking at one for a while now....this one in particular is LIKE NEW, hasnt even been ridden in and it comes with the Genuine Zoochie Forks and Elka Shock. WHAT ARE THESE BIKES LIKE...
  15. P

    carby bog down!

    hey guys i know u all hate this bike im about to mention but anyway,,ive just started riding again,,and ive noticed that when i pin it flat she bogs the boz the carb needs to be cleaned or should i change the jets arounds???can someone plz get back to me asap:):D