whats the perfect carby for me

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Jul 21, 2012
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looking at buying a new carby for my bike as I am having dramas with my current 26mm Molkt that came standed on my 150cc atomik nitrous. Ive never changed jets in a carby and would like to buy one where I can just bolt it up and ride with minimum tuning and stuffing around. I was thinking of getting a mikuni 26mm or 30mm what r ur thoughts guys
yeah I looked at them to they look the goods that tuning guide is very usefull I just seen mikuni recommends 30mm for my motor has anyone had any dramas with them
oko's are known to be very good especially for racing, the oko 26mm flatside is probably the best match for your bike but will need to be tuned, there is no carby for sale that won't need tuning, it is something that needs to be done, changing jets and needle heights will be required.

For a smoother throttle response the mikuni VM22 (26mm) or a keihin PE28mm would work the best in my opinion.

I have heard of a few people running those 30mm carbs, not sure what the results were but I think it would be a bit big myself, might be a bit temperamental to tune.
i run an OKO 26mm on my Lifan 150,
you'd probably need to buy an extra jet for it, a #38 pilot and the main should be good to go.
All depends on your preferred riding style bud. Do you want a snappy responsive throttle or a nice gradual power curve.

All depends on the rider. :thumbup:
Im a kinda of on the throttle hard then off again kinda guy and thats where my molkt is letting my down. As soon a I snap the throttle on quick it stalls out. I bought a 30mm mikuni last night for $40 new so if its no good I didnt waste a heap of money.