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  1. C

    New carb fitted, just backfires

    Hi everyone I'm new here and have no experience whatsoever with the mechanical side of things. I have a 140cc Atomik bike and after a ride the carb started pissing fuel from one of the hoses. Cutting a long story short I pulled the carb apart several times and only made things worse (although...
  2. B

    26mm Intake Manifold

    Ok been trying to find a 26mm intake manifold for my carby best I have found so far is this 26mm Universal Carby Carburetor Intake Manifold PIT PRO Quad Dirt Bike ATV Buggy | eBay In the description though it says 27.7mm just wondering if this would still be ok though it's the only 26mm I...
  3. Johnny_Boi85

    whats the perfect carby for me

    looking at buying a new carby for my bike as I am having dramas with my current 26mm Molkt that came standed on my 150cc atomik nitrous. Ive never changed jets in a carby and would like to buy one where I can just bolt it up and ride with minimum tuning and stuffing around. I was thinking of...
  4. LuckyGirl

    Fuel pouring out of my carb, Mikuni 22 / 26mm copy

    Hello Tech Masters! I need some help. I installed my brand new Lifan 125cc engine into my bike yesterday and when I turn on the gas it flows right out of the carb drain and the air intake. The carb is a brand new, out of the box, Mikuni 26mm. I didn't adjust anything on the carb, simply because...
  5. L

    atomik upgrades

    Hi guys i was just wondering what would you's recommend changing on the 125 atomik nitrous mid sized i dont want to spend alot but things that would make it better?
  6. sam93

    Oko vm26

    I have been looking at different carbys and im tossing between a few round slides I came across a Oko 26mm roundslide for cheap, Has anyone had much experiance with these carbs? Tunability? Performance? Information: Riding: Motard Engine: YX150 (klx style) not moded yet but plan on a few...