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  1. T

    Are There any good places to ride a pit bike in Perth?

    Hi i just rebuilt my Chinese pit bike ground up and am looking for a good place to rip. as anyone got any suggestions?
  2. my67xr

    Mini Moto Racing Ride Day's at Cameron Park NSW

    I have just found a page on Facebook for Mini Moto Racing https://www.facebook.com/events/1524845647790533/ Mini Moto Racing - Events Mini Moto Racing Ride Day at Cameron Park is non competition event. Mini mum of 7 entries are required before entries close 4/4/15 . Bring your bike and have...
  3. J

    Missing nut, still safe to ride?

    hey guys, Was out riding last evening, and managed to lose a bolt from the front fork clamps. After spending an hour walking the track i took i have not been able to locate it (yeah i know it was a long shot!) So the question is, until the new nut arrives, is it still safe to ride...
  4. S

    do anybody who live in ILLINOIS near by chicago

    i was wonder if anybody who live in IL that do ride the fiddy for fun anywhere near by bolingbrook, joliet, naperville, st.charles, elgin, dekalb, etc etc please hit up here so i can know who people does live near around there and make a plans to meet up for ride fun, stunt, etc thank you...
  5. B

    my klx/drz 110 build

    hi guys after a long absence im back, i have been away from the seen for a couple of years doing the normal stuff ie. buying a house getting married blah blah ,. Anyway im back with a klx 110 , im sure its a drz tho. i got it mainly to teach the young bloke to ride a motorcycle so it will be...
  6. xLOCOx

    Miniriders Ride day 2015!

    ep thats right, A RIDE DAY IN VIC IS HAPPENING so boys and girls alike it looks as if we are going to set up a ride day at the buzz ranch!, so much fun! Umm we need numbers first, maybe the same dates, because why not? lol List: - xLOCOx +1 -Snaptrax +4-5 - Nick + 2 Cant wait...
  7. R


    Hi all, New to the forum and just purchased an awesome ct110 postie bike :). Rad little thing to ride. was just wondering if anyone around north side of Brisbane has one and is on here wants to meet up for a ride etc? Thanks guys
  8. china911

    atomik nitrous 160 ebay special $400 budget

    what the heck it was only $100 brand new condition. l have a lifan 125 r type (never used engine) for it and other bits . it shouldn't cost me more than $400 complete ready to ride for the misses. l probably could of bought one finished for that .
  9. 0

    melbourne rides bush or city

    Keen for someone to ride with either bush or citu no mates with bikes
  10. B

    sa ride spots

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows of any good places to ride within an hour to and hour and a half drive from adelaide. not really interested in mx tracks, want something more enduro style for me and some mates to explore.
  11. rach88

    Trails/hire help?!

    Hey guys, I am in need of some help. I am now a busy youth worker and I'm constantly having requests from people to go motorbike riding. I've had a quick Google search but can't find what I'm after. Wondering if there is such a place where we could hire out 10-20 bikes and ride on a trail or...
  12. L


    Is there ever any ride day events around near wollongong
  13. Styv_Loosekid_21

    Miniriders ride day frankston.. Late Jan

    Hello all, I have spoken to stoney from the frankston mx track about having a ride dy at frankston track late January.. Date still to be decided as I'm trying to work it all in with the shops and people that's can make it.. But speaking to this fella said we can have the track re built...
  14. rumble

    ACUSA ride park S.A

    ACUSA ride park is currently seeking some government funding and votes are needed. Please head to ACUSA Park, Off-Road Motorcycle Facility Upgrade, Harrogate – YourSAy to sign up and vote. Any one who has been to ACUSA knows it needs an upgrade and watering facilities. If your not...
  15. GooseMan

    Who's into Mountain Biking?

    So who here is into mtb's, show us your ride and where you ride. Friday night I picked up the beauty from Giant Adelaide. Trance Advanced 27.5 2 (2015) | Giant Bicycles / Giant Bikes | Australia Took it for a ride at craigburns farm saturday and love it, only just getting into MTB's...
  16. D

    Hope I don't sound stupid asking this question

    I am wondering what I need to do to my bike to extend my revs out when I'm riding as they don't seem to rev out very much, I ride a pitster pro x4r 160cc,if I change my sprocket will it improve anything or no point,just needing advice please
  17. Johnny_Boi85

    whats the perfect carby for me

    looking at buying a new carby for my bike as I am having dramas with my current 26mm Molkt that came standed on my 150cc atomik nitrous. Ive never changed jets in a carby and would like to buy one where I can just bolt it up and ride with minimum tuning and stuffing around. I was thinking of...
  18. M

    There's no free legal riding trail's/park's without hassles.

    Where in adelaide metro south can we ride free of charge without grandma and grandpa having a whinge to the police? And where in that similar sentence can i ride my pit bike, as its no where as loud as a person doing a burnout, whilst my kids are sleeping, right out the front of my house, or...
  19. V

    new to dirtbike riding

    Hi all I just got a orion 125 pitbike I know its not the best bike but to learn on it will do. We have put new oil in it and gone all over it it runs and feels good to ride What should I do to make things better on like adjustment change bolts ect ect here to have some fun Thanks for...
  20. rach88

    Where can I ride?

    When I was riding regularly in Melbourne I was going to Frankston mx track, broadmeadows and bacchus marsh... can anyone give me a rough idea if these places have changed in the like 2 and half years or if I can still rock up, pay my money and ride? Or if there is anywhere new to go... I also...