Miniriders Ride day 2015!

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Mar 19, 2013
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Victoria, Shepparton
so boys and girls alike it looks as if we are going to set up a ride day at the buzz ranch!, so much fun!

Umm we need numbers first,
maybe the same dates, because why not? lol

- xLOCOx +1
-Snaptrax +4-5

- Nick + 2

Cant wait!!! Cheers Damo
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Ill come + like 4-5 others.
I was planning on organising this. lol

It won't be at starglen. The buzz ranch sounds like a goer.

Going to chat to Greggo when I drop my 50 in.

Count me in and Macca. Reckon Chris will come as well.
I don't mind where it is haha. As long as we get a bunch of good guys together. And we ride for ages I'm happy.
Exactly right mate.

The buzz ranch looks like wicked fun. Would have a ball there I reckon.

Least you can have a few beers with us afterwards this time :)
Yup finally 18. Can't have too many but haha have to drive home.
Ahaha. Well im sorry. You better be coming down Mr. Tim
Ahh too slow my main man! Lol looks like I'm re editing the thread! But yeah if it's anything like last years! I'm happy! And hoping it'll be bigger and better!

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Might need to plan a ride day at Ridepark Hazza. Wonder how many people will be game enough to go on the main track.

I know all the Vcm riders wont be scared. Will be an awesome sight to see 10 odd pit bikes on a massive track ahaha.
Be good to have you down Timmy and get on it after a good days riding.

Should get shearer keen to come with you.

Be good to get the core crew down for a wicked weekend. :)

The Craig and Corey need to jump on a plane and come down for it as well!!

Just need a ticket, I will handle the rest. ;)
Sounding good to me too, i haven't been across the border for a while.
All depends on dates too