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  1. my67xr

    Mini Moto Racing Ride Day's at Cameron Park NSW

    I have just found a page on Facebook for Mini Moto Racing Mini Moto Racing - Events Mini Moto Racing Ride Day at Cameron Park is non competition event. Mini mum of 7 entries are required before entries close 4/4/15 . Bring your bike and have...
  2. xLOCOx

    Miniriders Ride day 2015!

    ep thats right, A RIDE DAY IN VIC IS HAPPENING so boys and girls alike it looks as if we are going to set up a ride day at the buzz ranch!, so much fun! Umm we need numbers first, maybe the same dates, because why not? lol List: - xLOCOx +1 -Snaptrax +4-5 - Nick + 2 Cant wait...
  3. L


    Is there ever any ride day events around near wollongong
  4. Karlos247

    Sinister50's Seaview SX Triple Crown

    Sinister50's Seaview SX Triple Crown Ok crew it's time for the next installment of the action we're aiming to bring to the scene. This time we are stepping it up another notch with a 2 day event on a purpose built mini SX track with more rhythm combos than KFC.!! ✊ The event will be held...
  5. Cordogs

    Queensland Miniriders Ride day Dec 6 2014

    :banana::banana::banana:This is happening! :banana::banana::banana: Right its definitely long overdue and a bit short notice but Miniriders QMR group is hosting another ride day @ Parklands Mx in Kennilworth on the 6th of December. This is a day to get the whole family out of the house and...
  6. M

    bent valves ? need help

    ok so the other day i was riding my atomic 160 i was riding along and i herd this clicking sound and as i hit a jump the bike stalled mid air and when i landed it was locked up ! on further inspection i saw that the adjuster nut for the intake on the tappets had become completely undone and the...
  7. motorman

    Soundwaves 2015

    Who's thinking of heading to it and what city? 2 Days this time as well Day One Faith No More Soundgarden Incubus Lamb Of God Ministry Antemasque Gerard Way Mayhem New Found Glory Fear Factory Hollywood Undead Atreyu The Aquabats Area 7 Godflesh Crown The Empire The...
  8. Electrum

    Adelaide Riding anyone?

    Hey everyone just wondering if you guys were interested in having a day of riding anywhere in Adelaide? Port Gawler is excellent for both pit bikes and full sized bikes and has like.. 4 tracks I think? $20 a day for a kid and $40 for an adult? Don't like riding with myself so if anyone wants to...
  9. TomaszBurcon


  10. TomaszBurcon


    Hey guys i think it is about time we have another QLD ride day :) we havent had one for like 4-5months? i dunno haha So i was thinking Sept 22-23th or sept 29-30th what do you guys think, and were do you guys think we should have it?
  11. TomaszBurcon

    14th of July QMP Ride day

    Who can make it? will be a fun day, meet fellow minirders ;)