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  1. roostyamates

    can anyone ID this bike ?

    hey guys just wondering if anyone can idea this bike.. bloke selling it reckons its a 125 braaap.. the vin number is LJYYLJLX550600313 i have more pics if needed
  2. xLOCOx

    Miniriders Ride day 2015!

    ep thats right, A RIDE DAY IN VIC IS HAPPENING so boys and girls alike it looks as if we are going to set up a ride day at the buzz ranch!, so much fun! Umm we need numbers first, maybe the same dates, because why not? lol List: - xLOCOx +1 -Snaptrax +4-5 - Nick + 2 Cant wait...
  3. noypi160cc

    crf110 plastic

    just purchase a set of crf110 plastic which i want to fit on my motovert type R. so far i got the front fender and number plate fitted. Any of you guys know how or have tutorials to modify the subframe? heres the pic.
  4. motoluver

    Are crf50 and crf70 petrol tank shrouds the same?

    My rx looks too have a crf70 front and rear gaurd but the tank and side number plates look like a crf50 style. Looking to buy new plastics and store the originals.
  5. J


    hey guys, I was goin thru some old threads & I figured that we should start a REAL SERIAL NUMBER DATA BASE if you've ever gotten a pit bike & wanted 2 know what make it is, or mayb you know who makes the frame / body but the engines been swapped out & would like 2 hav a little bit of INFO on...
  6. short.y

    Mx numbers

    hey does anyone know where to get some good quality sets of numbers for a WHOLE bike??? at a decent price? websites are good.. thanks.