Crf50 carby and throttle cable question

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Jul 15, 2006
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Hey guys I have a crf50 that has a 133cc engine from a motovert and the throttle doesn't spring back when released. I looked at where the throttle cable goes into the carby and the cable is bent up between the carby and bottom of fuel tank.

Has anyone had this problem before and is there a cable with a 90 degrees bend after it comes our of the carby top???

Also what carby would be a good size to run on this engine???
Thanks guys
you might be able to get around it by finding a shorter, more angled manifold.
what engine is the Motovert 133cc ?
Yea I'm with my67xr that would be the best way and nearly the only to fix this, even if you get a longer cable it will still be bending on the tank, ypu for you know the sizing of it, post it up and we could give you a hand!
Or cut a longer one down if you know of anyone in your local area that can re solder the ends on for ya?

Bike shops or mechanics.
Yeah MY67XR it is a motovert 133cc engine.
Yeah but what model number is that ? the one stamped into the case below the sprocket ?

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