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  1. Cash.

    Honda CRF50F Modded with only the best

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Honda CRF50F with many of the best mods and brands. Barely used. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $3950.00 ono Cash on pick up. I will have the bike in MELBOURNE early/mid June REASON FOR SELLING: Saving for a mountain bike. Most of my fun was building it, I...
  2. fiffty_boytim

    Crf50 rebuild

    Doing a rebuild and tidy up an a 88 thought I would post pictures as I go the more active other members are the more pictures I will include First up was bracing and painting the frame for a bit more strength
  3. J

    Motovert Rx headstem bearings (Help needed Please)

    Hey, Currently working on a Motovert rx125. I need to replace the tapered roller bearings in the head stem and cannot find where to buy any that will fit. The OD is 41mm and ID is 22mm for the top and 24mm for the bottom. The only bearings i could find with a 41mm OD were for a crf50 but...
  4. W

    What do you guys thinK?

  5. P

    Will crf50 plastics fit on my bike??? *Need help*

    I bought a china bike and the plastics are ruined, i knoe that its a crf50 clone with a 125 lifan in it, it has really strange plastics on it that seem to be rare, ive searched ebay Amazon literally every site and cant find them: / does anyone have the same bike or know if crf50 style plastics...
  6. B

    WTB Stock Size Carby for crf/xr50 - Must be Japanese...

    HI, Chasing a stock size carby preferably Keihin, must be in good working order and fairly priced. Thanks...
  7. F

    Honda CRF 50 or DHZ Outlaw 150

    Ok so I know the DHZ will obviously be faster and the crf is more expensive I would be getting a second hand crf 50 (maybe 2013 and up model) and the DHZ would be brand new. Ive been told that the honda is better quality but the DHZ seems a much better deal and ive heard good reviews from them...
  8. B

    The Little Puppy, what to do first? Modded CRF50...

    G'day Guy's and Girl's, I recently bought my first mini (stocker) got a bit daunted by the mods and prices involved so sold it and bought one already most of the way there... Tried to post a pic, but didn't seem to work... CRF50, Marzzochi forks, Red Baron swing arm, pro taper bar kit...
  9. S

    Will this shock fit my 50 (crf50 kinda style)

    DNM Rear Shock MK-AR-240L 600lbs Spring – DNM – Buy Online Australia at DHZ
  10. M

    crf50 to crf70 what is actually different ?

    Hey guys so new to pit bikes always had big bikes. My question is i have a DHZ 160 with the crf50 style, so round rear sub frame. I have the option to change the frame and want to go the crf70 so i can get abit wider. i have the option between both frames atm so im wondering if i buy the crf 70...
  11. S

    WANTED CRF50/88

    WANTED: after a worked CRF50/88 with the goodies. will look at anything though show me what you have got. CONDITION: running PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $1000-$1500 depending LOCATION: Brisbane, Queensland will travel 4 or 5 hours though for the right bike EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT...
  12. GreefClothing


    We went out and had a few beers and some mini moto sessions at a mates place just before his engagement party! Here's a short clip. See our full range of clothing and moto graphics kits here: Get your Thumpstar Mini Moto Today using codeword 'Greef' & you will receive a...
  13. GreefClothing


    GREEF MINI MOTO GRAPHICS KITS Get your Greef Mini Moto kits today! Only $129 + We will hook you up with a $100 Greef Pack if you share an image of your bike with our kit, on this thread! All kits are fully customisable to have your name, number and any other sponsors thanks to SK Designs...
  14. N

    WTB Melb: CRF50 Engine or Bottom End

    Hi All, Just wondering if any one has a CRF50 Honda engine lying around, or even just the bottom end, Let me know - PM
  15. GreefClothing

    Labour Day Weekend 2014 - Beach, Beers & Fifties

    Labour Day weekend 2014, we decided to grab a few mates with fifties, find a random spot around Minnie Water, NSW and have weekend of just racing mates, drinking a few ales and hanging at the beach... Here's a little edit from the weekend. Anyone else have some footage from some backyard mini...
  16. Adams

    CRF50 Axle Size

    Sup dudes, I need to know the stock axle length on the rear of a CRF50, I've misplaced my axle and my tape measure is somewhere under the pile of **** I threw whilst clearing out my workshop. Cheers. :thumbup:
  17. Asian

    CRF50 Build

    Check the last pages for the most recent updates :) thanks for viewing have fun reading ! My CFR50 Build was a lot of fun and still on going i thought i would share with you guys as i like these threads myself :D i didn't take photos of every mod but did take a few of the build. i started...
  18. Asian

    CRF50 Need Some Advice !!

    Hi I'm new to the site found it whilst looking up mods to do to my crf50 :laughing-smiley-002 anyways i have a question i have recently put a lifan 125cc in my crf50 frame and what i believe to be a 30mm carb have to rise fuel tank to fit it on the bike lol when i use gps speedo to see how...
  19. sly1300

    Stock CRF50 Plastics/Graphics

    As title says, im after a complete set of stock crf50 plastics with the oem stickers. Not overly fussed on what year but must be in good clean condition, not too banged and scratched up. Must be complete set (front shrouds, number plate, front guard and rear tail) and must have STOCK honda...
  20. Kprugger03

    Crf50 with lifan 125cc prob

    Anyone know what to do when u put a lifan 125cc on a 03 crf50 and the rear foot Break hits the foot peg bar an is under the side of the motor what do you do to fix that???