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  1. B

    WTB: 12" Front CRF50 Wheel to suit drum brake and 12mm axle

    WANTED:12" Front CRF50 Wheel to suit drum brake and 12mm axle CONDITION: New or used PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Up to $80 for used China wheel. Up to $250 for a good condition Sano, Red Baron, Excel, etc if it's got a good tyre on it LOCATION: Canberra EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT...
  2. Z50Jay

    Wanted: CRF50 pipe

    WANTED: CRF50 pipe to suit big bore engine. Titanium preferred. Yoshimura trs or rs-2 , fmf 4.1, ti force, pro circuit etc. CONDITION: any condition considered PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: depends on condition LOCATION: I'm in Brisbane but you can post EXTRA INFORMATION: CONTACT: pm me...
  3. C

    CRF50 handlebar clamp bmx or mx

    Hey guys I'm after triple clamp stem/bar mount for my crf50 as I have just discovered my pro taper bar clamp has a couple of huge cracks in it! I don't care if it's bmx or mx bar style. WANTED: handlebar mount CONDITION: used with no cracks... PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: cheaper than new...
  4. C

    Crf50 frame strengthening / bracing

    Hey guys, I have searched on the forums regarding frame welding/bracing for crf50 frames, and now I'm attempting to find someone from Perth who might be able to help me. I have never touched a welder before so I need someone else to do it for me in return for some $$$. I searched the forums...
  5. U

    honda qr 50/ cfr50 forks

    Does anyone know if stock crf50 forks would fit a honda qr 50
  6. M

    Chinese pit bike identification help.

    It's a 125 and it was given to me. Don't know if it's a pitster pro. He said that's what it was. I want to swap it and build it with a gpx 125. Do all parts fit from a crf50? I need new fork seals and little things here and there. I can't find nothing saying what it is.
  7. T

    Just emigrated from UK to Adelaide and bought CRF50

    Hi guys, Just moved to Adelaide with my girlfriend from the UK. Had a few pit bikes there, all supermoto. Just picked up a little CRF50 minipit and I'm looking for places to have a little tear about? Heard about an old quarry or something but that's it. And help appreciated Thanks...
  8. yzf250rider


    ITEM AND CONDITION: 2008 honda crf50 PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1350 negotiable. Cash on pick-up. Sold as is. EXTRA INFO: rebuilt 2 hours ago using tb 88 kit, Hd oil pump and has 4 speed gear box, kitaco rev box, bigger carby ishock +1 forks recently powder coated...
  9. Bbrcrf50boy

    Full mod crf50 build

    The time has come for me to do a full mod crf50 which I have always wanted. The other week I picked up a full sano mx bombshell front end and a two brothers racing +2 swingarm powdercoated black for a great bargain which I'm super happy about. For the motor I've got my 88 takegawa...
  10. S

    Crf50 carby and throttle cable question

    Hey guys I have a crf50 that has a 133cc engine from a motovert and the throttle doesn't spring back when released. I looked at where the throttle cable goes into the carby and the cable is bent up between the carby and bottom of fuel tank. Has anyone had this problem before and is there a...
  11. LEO DPRO 037

    Pitsterpro X3R

    Here are some pics of my new bike. Paid $350 as is. I plan on transplanting my new z160ho and oko 26 out of the dpro and onto this frame. Put my wheels and bars over etc. And return it to its former glory.
  12. S


    Hey guys I am chasing a semi auto engine prefer Gold Coast but contact me if you got anything. Will be going in a crf50
  13. D

    I won a 50

    Hello all. A few weeks ago I got a call telling me to come down and collect my prize. I'm taking this as a sign to start riding 50's again. I had a pretty sweet stocker a while ago but had to sell it to fund my 4wd's, I've quickly realised i dont have the time or $$$ to build another good...
  14. D

    Crf50 bits

    WANTED: bar kits, tall seats, suspension bits, heavy duty rims. anything to build a decent stocker CONDITION: used, I believe in recycling PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $50 to $100 for bar kit; more if other controls included, up to around $100 for seat, depends what suspension gear you've got...
  15. S

    WTB CRF50 engine

    Hey guys chasing a CRF50 engine. I brought a crf50 and it has been replaced with a Motovert 133cc and it's too fast for my 3 year old nephew so want to put a standard crf engine back in it. Please pm me or reply here cheers
  16. S

    Motovert 133cc engine swap for crf50 engine

    Hey guys I just brought a crf50 that has a Motovert 133cc engine. I brought he bike for my nearly 3 year old nephew. I don't want this engine in it and wondering if anyone would want to swap for a stock crf50 engine?
  17. D

    can someone please help me, CRF50 plastics / sticker kits

    where i can buy the original CRF50 stickers and plastics from??
  18. S

    WTB CRF50 chain guard and standard bars.

    Hey guys chasing a crf50 chain guide cover that goes over the chain on top of the swing frame so the little guy doesn't get his fingers or foot stuck in the chain. WANTED: Crf50 Chain guide cover - Standard Crf50 bars CONDITION: New/used around 2005 model PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: As cheap as...
  19. BennyG

    Tuned Thumpstar TS-E 125cc

    Hi all, I own a Thumpstar TS-E 125cc pit bike and am looking to upgrade parts on it (eg, rear shock, air filter, carby, throttle & clutch assembly). I know very little about bikes, (hence me buying a Thumpstar), and have noticed that many of the parts are labelled with CRF50, CRF70, TTR110...
  20. M

    wtb crf50 with the fruit

    Wanted : crf50 Condition: used Price range : $500 - $1500 Location : Adelaide contact: 04305 13774 txt only thanks Michael