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  1. Stubsy

    Gee I love a good bargain !!

    Well here is my latest acquisition. Old mate said he was riding it, went through some water and it stopped. Still had compression so I though righto its mine. Bought site unseen for $350. A carby clean and tu e and we are away. Might turn it into a motard beast. Here it is 2012 dhz outlaw
  2. my67xr

    Jianshe Coyote PY80 build, china PW80 copy

    here is a rusty Jianshe Coyote PY80 i have just picked up it is a china copy of the world famous Yamaha PW80. i bought this one cheap, paid $110 for it as is it has been sitting outside on someones verandah for the last few years, and has developed a Tin Worm infection (surface rust) i...
  3. L

    Mini quad trying to go on its own

    HELP!!! i have a mini quad i have replaced basically everything like new throttle cable, new clutch, new piston kit, new gasket kit, new back wheel bearings, new carb, and still when i start it its trying to go on its own instead of just sitting ticking over :(
  4. S

    What are the best bang for buck lifan 125 upgrades?

    So it looks like my 125 lifan is going to be in the bike for a while as I get other motors sorted out. A new smaller flywheel is already on the cards. What else can I do to get it running a little faster without being to crazy spending a ton of money? Links would also be nice as I just got the...
  5. R

    Yamaha GT80

    Not sure if I got the right area or not, apologies if I haven't. Wife finally convinced her parents to give us her old bike from when she was a kid. It's an old 1974 Yamaha GT80. Not running. Know there's a piston issue and one of the bolts holding the carby (I think{it's the part over the...
  6. Y

    Yz80 / 125cc lifan carby need help

    Hey everyone I'm new to this forum stuff. Was just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have just bought a 125cc electric start lifan engine for my atc70 and I want to use a 1982 Yamaha yz80 carby, can I just put it on and tune it with the 2 stroke jets or do I need different jets?
  7. spoonta68

    vm26 on yx160 jetting

    hey peoples just scored a genuine vm26 running the following jets main:190 pilot:22.5 ill be installing it on a gpx yx160 out of a pitsterpro only mods on engine are inner rotor kit and big bore exhaust what do people suggest for a good jetting? never buggered around with jetting before regards
  8. T

    Tdr 125 idles VERY high!

    I've tried adjusting the air screw on the carb but it doesn't seem to be doing much... It just seems to idle very high and when you release the clutch you shoot off.. I checked the flap to see if it was getting stuck when I pulled and released throttle and it's fine! Any help guys??? I've...
  9. mudskipper

    Recurring motovert pain

    As some of you may have spotted my Q'n'A threads regarding never ending dramas with my 160.:microwave: After many hours spent reading, adjusting, changing etc.. I got the bike to run mint. Would start first kick and even start first kick after stalling. Over the weekend I was chugging...
  10. rotn50

    Quick look at the KOSO 28mm flatslide

    Just having a rest and thought id mention the 28mm flatslide koso im running, <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. M

    My Bike will not IDLE!

    Hello guys, Im new to the forum so dont be harsh :D I have an Atomik moto x 125 but am having troubles. The bike starts and idles fine on startup, and runs fine cruising around. BUT... when i give it some juice it wont idle when i come to a stop (does that make sense?). I have tried tuning...
  12. M

    150cc Lifan fuel/carby issue

    2 months ago I purchased a 150cc cheapy on ebay, i was told to get one with a LIFAN motor- so i did. It runs like ****! Ive tryed re-setting the float level to every option, ive played with both the idle and fuel/air mixture screw, new air filter, and still runs crap. Bottom end is ok...
  13. the50king

    Carby for GPX 125

    hey ive just bought a GPX race engine 125cc, just wondering what the best carby's are for a 125, help me out with brands and size's?? cheers
  14. C

    carby rebuild help

    hello , i have a 125cc 4stroke pit bike which was running fine but then i left it for years and never started it. I was going to take it out this weekend and i decided to do a full carby rebuild and clean beforehand. I have never done it before and was interested to learn how it all works and...
  15. Carlts

    Air filter shenanigans - What's your thoughts?

    Hey guys, Just a quick question for you all concerning air filters. Having an OKO 26mm requiring a 48/49mm diameter air filter I opted for the usual Unifilter. But all I can is that my experience has been rubbish with it, I always clean the filter using warm water and washing powder after...
  16. qwerty243

    Over heating maybe ??

    Can someone help identifiy what could be causing this problem. After riding for a couple hours today my bike started to run really sh!t like back firing, spluttering and stalling. so i stop and try and start my bike and it wont, kinda of sounded flooded after trying to start it. anyway i end...
  17. Tryggvi

    Carby Leaking Gas :(

    Carby Leaking Fuel :( Hello, I´m new here and new to mini's. I just bought a Terra Moto Krusha 125 off my friend and i bought it cause i rode it before i bought it and i loved it and it worked really well. After i got it i had it for a couple of weeks and it worked fine but then just last week...
  18. D

    Atomik Link Mikuni Carb ID

    Hi guys, I have an Atomik Link (2007) model approx (2nd hand purchase) with a 26mm Mikuni carb. I need to replace the float chamber gasket, but I can't positively id the carb model. The only numbers marked on the carb are : 26 679u. I hope someone can help me. Thank in advance!
  19. S

    Carby Problems

    I have a well used 70cc Atomik motox and was wondering how to fix the carb. The problem is after i've been riding with the throttle on full for a while, then slow down, when i go to take off or use the throttle at all it just dies and stalls like the kill switch has been ingaged. After i start...
  20. dunny29er

    Snorkel Problems

    Hi so i put on a snorkel on my dhz 140 but when i tested it out it ran fine but once i hit high revs it konked out starved of air. Is there away of fixing this like diff jets( i run a oko 26mm will #96 main and slow jet #36. Or is it the air screw or maybe the needle position. Coz i really dont...