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  1. force


    Hey guys the chain keep falling off my sons 110cc atomik. The sprockets are near new with no wear on them. I have tightened the chain with the tentioners and pulled the back wheel back. All to no avail. Is it time for a new chain? Sent from my GT-N7105T using Tapatalk
  2. D

    Suzuki DS80 - How to test headlight / taillight wiring?

    Hey i just purchased a ds80 for my gf, it has lights and everything looks like it is wired up properly. But neither light works, i replaced the bulbs. I have a multimeter.. How do i test the wiring? I tried setting my multi to 20vdc, and touching the wires in the headlight socket, but i...
  3. O

    Outlaw 140 Carb issues

    G'day all. I recently bought myself a twin exhaust setup for my outlaw 140. Now when I fired it up I got a greeting of spluttering up high in the rev range. So I've changed the main jet up to a 110 from a 100 and it seems to be a little better but still has a massive flat spot up top. I...
  4. tommyh

    Fork Seal Help???

    Hey All, Was out with Carlts at Qld Moto Park on saturday, hit some jumps on the mx track, and finally managed to pop out a fork seal... Could someone help me please through the steps in fixing this dilemma? Does it consist of simply putting the existing fork seal back in, or buying a...
  5. P

    HOW TO: replacing wheel bearings

    i had a quick look and couldnt find any specific thread on wheel bearing replacement i found if you dont have the right technique for this like anything an easy job becomes difficult you only need a few things to do this a couple of different sized flat head screw drivers, a hammer or some...