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  1. T

    tyre sizes for 12in rims?

    What tyre sizes can I fit on a 12"x3" rim, in terms of road tires.
  2. T

    12" motard rim issue

    I have a 125cc with 14" front and 12" rear and wanted to put a 12" rim on the front, but I was told a 12" won't go on, I would have to change the front end. Any info on this would be great.
  3. Rizzo97

    Dam clicking!

    Hey, every time I get back from a ride and wheel my bike in I always hear a click from my front wheel about evry Couple of spins? It's defently somthing to d with the brakes.. All spokes are tight and rim is nice and true, new brake disc, New triple clamps that actualy fit the fork legs...
  4. gottagetacheaperhobby

    WTB.....14" front rim

    WANTED:14" front rim,must have 15mm id bearings CONDITION:anything that isnt buckled, prefer with good bearings but not essential PREFERRED PRICE RANGE:0 to 100 depending on quality and condition LOCATION: tassie, but will pay postage obviously EXTRA INFORMATION:need the rim asap...
  5. C

    replacing a broken wheel/rim

    hey guys, have got problem while riding the bolts that hold the sprocket onto the rim came loose and got caught on the swingarm snapping the bolts and breaking the rim. now im up for a new rear 14" wheel, but the problem is i took the wheel off and took it to a local pit bike shop, where i...
  6. hallzee

    bent rim

    Any ideas on fixing a bent rim?? it looks as if someone as ridden prettymuch straight in to a curb or something and the walls of the rim at what appears to be the point of impact had flared outwards.. Moreso on one side than the other... It still rides fine has a bit of a wobble to it. I...