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  1. A

    Motovert RX Engine swap

    Hi everyone, I have a 2008 Motovert RX 125 with the original Jialing and it’s on it’s last legs soo it’s swap time.. I am looking at doing maybe the ZS 190 or something similar, but have a few questions before going ahead. What are the requirements to do the transplant, any cutting, fab work...
  2. android90

    Motovert rx z160HO exhaust help

    Hey guys Im back haha , top end of my Lifan 150 is stuffed and the bottom end is too so I got a z160ho from DHZ , now I am after peoples opinions of best exhaust for this engine but keep in mind it will be in a road legal pitbike so dont want to get defected all the time and have to take it in...
  3. android90

    "5 speed transmission for road use"

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows of any reliable" 5 speed transmissions(OR EVEN 6 SPEED IF IT WOUD BE ANY GOOD??) that will suit my LIFAN 150-1P56FMJ..... Take into consideration this motor is in my road riden 'Motovert RX" here is one from a brand called NECTO, but i do not know of...
  4. fat80y

    Yamaha YZF-R15 your thoughts ??

    Hi guys , just wanted some more opinions on 1 of these before I look more into getten me 1 ! i do have full licence and also riding KYMCO CT125 atm. thx YZF-R15 | Yamaha Motor Australia think link works lol:afro:
  5. G

    about yamoto explorer road legal pitbike

    hey guys n gurls, just puting together a site about my thoughts on Yamoto road legal pitbikes as i found alot of people are looking for info on them. site not yet done but is started. yamoto