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  1. J

    Help with Running temp on a yz426f

    Just wondering if anyone would know wat temperature a yz426 would run at only had the bike a month an the last couple times of riding the bike when I've stopped I've notice water coming out from the over flow hose after switching the bike off the bike this has only been happening since i done a...
  2. C

    Fastace shock service BFA01AR / BS35AR

    G'day, got all the new seals (Elstar Products - supplier of Petrol Motorbikes(pit Bikes) 50-125cc, ATVs (Quad bikes), dirt bikes and Fast Fifties, an agent for Apollo and Orion motorbikes. Elstar provides after-sale service and supplies high-quality after-market parts of the foll - only place I...
  3. cmpbll911

    Oil in new bikes

    Me and some mates are all picking up some MSO's next weekend, and we're unsure on what to do about the oil. With the last mini I had (atomik Nitrous) i just used the shit oil that comes in the bike for a few riding hours, about one tank of fuel, then changed the oil with some quality semi...