Fastace shock service BFA01AR / BS35AR

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Sep 6, 2011
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G'day, got all the new seals (Elstar Products - supplier of Petrol Motorbikes(pit Bikes) 50-125cc, ATVs (Quad bikes), dirt bikes and Fast Fifties, an agent for Apollo and Orion motorbikes. Elstar provides after-sale service and supplies high-quality after-market parts of the foll - only place I could find Fastace seals) to fix my busted shock, just wondering if anyone knows the procedure to strip one of these chinga shocks down, some DNM shock thread I read mentioned backing off all the spring preload then taking the spring retainer at the bottom off somehow?

This thing:

Is that the way to do it with all of them, or do I need to just get a vice and unscrew the top off, I presume it's threaded on:


Also if anyone knows the correct amount of shock oil to put in it, that would be great, I can't find any Fastace documentation anywhere on the interwebs, and I can't measure it accurately, since the seals blew and leaked most of it.