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  1. S

    Will this shock fit my 50 (crf50 kinda style)

    DNM Rear Shock MK-AR-240L 600lbs Spring – DNM – Buy Online Australia at DHZ
  2. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan/Feb 2015

    Get Your votes in Jan/Feb FOTM is live! <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding: 10px;text-align: left;"><div style="height:40px;line-height: 0;"><div style="color:rgb(20,20,20);background:#1382DA;width: 40px; height:40px;float:left;line-height...
  3. K

    What is my bike?

    Hi guys, I picked up this pitbike yesterday for $200 and i'm just trying to identify what I have. The motor is a Dirtmax 150cc and the frame looks very solid. The forks are adjustable and their is also a small star cut in the frame just next to the rear shock mount. Any info would be great...
  4. M

    Cr80 rear shock recently rebuilt

    I have a cr80 rear shock i bought it off a guy that had a lot of bike parts for sale its recently rebuilt so it's in pretty good condition I would like to get $140 with shipping if interested pm me ITEM AND CONDITION: used PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: pay pal LOCATION AND...
  5. L

    12" rear wheel,crf50 style shock

    Wanted: a 12" rear wheel and a crf50 style shock Condition:hopefully a good tyre on wheel and shock just needs to work and not be really stiff Prefered price range: 100-150 all up Location: glen innes,nsw Extra information: would prefer a fastace or dnm shock Contact: private message
  6. noypi160cc

    rear shock for motovert Type r 2012

    Hi guys what shock are compatible with my bike?
  7. xLOCOx

    Locos TTR50 Build

    Lol its been a long time coming to make my way over to the jap threads...even tho the TTR's are china's with high quality control! :P so well its abit low on comp..... ie: blows smoke.... and when i put it under load it dies also it needs a tank and the plastics to go with it.. so what does...
  8. DHXrider

    FastAce Rear shock for parts!

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Great except for bent push rod PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: make an offer PM me, Pay through paypal for item. REASON FOR SELLING: I don't need it anymore EXTRA INFO: Shock still works but ....the lower rod is sorta bent so it will eventually...
  9. china911

    Elka shock on braaap

    Just curious on the Elka rear shock . Is it the real deal ? or is it specifically made for ycf /braaap. lve been researching and only coming up with piggy back and compression adjustment models. The braaap has the bog stocker / no frills installed but l cant find it listed any were.
  10. Rizzo97

    eBay shock extender

    Got a pair of shock extender's in the mail the other day and chucked one on my bike, they look/feel pretty flimsy.,not to sure how it is goin to hold landing jumps :/ anyone used these to extend a shock that is to short? And how did they hold up if so ? :) could save me havin a wicked stack hahaha
  11. Stubsy

    Rear shock spring rate

    Just wondering what everyone is running? My LXR has a dnm shock with a 350lb spring but I don't like how far its sits down the rear. All my old bikes had 1000lb springs and my dhz outlaw sits a lot higher. Whats everyone running and can you tell me where to get a replacement???
  12. Rizzo97

    Rear Sprocket, Swing Arm axle, and front Sprocket are aligned with new shock?

    Just got a new shock and the rear axle, swinger axle and front sprocket are in a perfect line .. Dose that mean that the chain will go loose instead of tight when I sit on it? Can't sit omit because waiting for parts to put back wheel assebaly all back on
  13. Rizzo97

    Rear shock keeps unwinding itself at the bottom need help!

    I got two shocks off eBay for my pitpro and the first one just bottomed out so I used the second one and it was perfect but after two rides it somehow unthreaded itself at the bottom and whilst riding ( just on a straight) it came apart :/ so I took a chunky spring I had from a previous broken...
  14. LuckyGirl

    Port Washington USA, 110cc Pitty for sale

    ITEM: 110cc Lifan Pit bike. CONDITION: Bought this used, not running, with no spark. Brand new rear shock, exhaust, CDI, wire harness, spark plug & wire, ignition stator, and flywheel. Basically everything electrical is brand new. Missing front brake. Rear brake is functional. It now runs...

    Help! Did i receive the wrong Rear Spring for my Crf50?

    ISSUE FIXED! MY SUBFRAME WAS OUT MY 3MM COMPARED TO SAME YEAR MODEL CRF50. SWAPPED SHOCK FOR A KITACO HD REAR SHOCK from 50stunt. So i have a 2014 Crf50f that I'm turning into a stunt bike. ( build vid will come on my channel ariderslife) Problem. New Rear Shock doesn't fit Stock 2014 crf50...
  16. TYE

    Stiff rear shock

    So I have a pit bike with a tri-frame swing arm and the rear shock is hard as Hobbs. I was wondering is there any cheap ways I can fix it without buying a new rear shock. Although if I have to can u please link me one that is 255mm from eye to eye.
  17. KnoxJager23

    stock shock rebound adjustment

    Hi all out there. I own a 2013 TDR Pro 125 and i know how to adjust the preload and sag with the two rings near the top. I am completely clueless how to adjust the rebound because there is no screw except for the tyre valve underneath the nitrogen reservoir. From all previous forums it seems...
  18. C

    Fastace shock service BFA01AR / BS35AR

    G'day, got all the new seals (Elstar Products - supplier of Petrol Motorbikes(pit Bikes) 50-125cc, ATVs (Quad bikes), dirt bikes and Fast Fifties, an agent for Apollo and Orion motorbikes. Elstar provides after-sale service and supplies high-quality after-market parts of the foll - only place I...
  19. the50king

    DHZ 125 shock/spring

    Hi Ive recently bought a dhz125 off there site. i weigh bout 80- 85kg and i reckon the back shocks a bit soft for my likings, i saw on there site they have a 1000lbs fastace spring on there but dont know wether its going to fit my GPX shock, anyone have any info?? thanks guys Heres a couple...
  20. F

    Atomik Blitz 250 2010 model

    Hi guys, I know that the atomik blitz 250 is a cheap Chinese bike but i bought it for my dad to come for casual rides out bush with us (i own a rm 250 97 model) The atomik is running great with no problems. i have been right over the bike and checked everything its now done about 20 hours of...