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  1. my67xr

    my new/used Yamaha PW50 thread

    ok, iv'e done it again.... i should be selling bikes but had the chance to purchase a Yamaha PW50 today..........and did. it had been sitting for a few years in a guys shed, he bought it as a non running project bike to fix for his daughter. but he'd never got around to doing anything to it...
  2. my67xr

    my latest buy, 2x Yamaha Chappy 80cc 2 strokes, and build/modify thread

    hey gents and femmes, some of you may have seen pics of my 1984 Yamaha IT200L, well, keeping true to the Yamaha man i am, i have added 2 more bikes to my collection. im into things that are slightly different than most people, and modifying, i just cant help myself....:b_grind: i kind of...